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Catch up TV on Dani's House. Watch the latest and all other episodes of Dani's House now online, broadcasted on ABC3. Catch up on your favorite ABC3 TV show: Dani's House. Replay tv on its best! After 'borrowing' money from Max and breaking mum's favourite vase, Dani is in desperate need of cash. Might the solution be buried beneath the house?

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Season 1, Episode 8 (Snakes) 28:00

Season 1, Episode 8 (Snakes)

3.0 3 x
Toby's new pet-sitting service is under threat when his snake escapes in Dani's house. With Dani's phobia of snakes and Max desperate to fund a record deal for Ben, there's enough screaming in the house to wake Aunt Sheila.
Season 1, Episode 7 (Amnesia) 28:00

Season 1, Episode 7 (Amnesia)

3.0 3 x
Toby and Dani are set to enter the Utterly Go Dancing heats but when Dani takes a fall not only can she not remember the steps, she can't even remember her own name let alone her friends'.
Season 1, Episode 4 (Killer Party) 28:00

Season 1, Episode 4 (Killer Party)

3.0 1 x
Dani is convinced that Toby and Sam's surprise birthday party for her are in fact plans to have her assassinated! With Max exploiting the situation it's not long before Dani's paranoia is at bursting point.
Season 1, Episode 3 (Luck) 28:00

Season 1, Episode 3 (Luck)

3.0 1 x
Dani desperately needs to find her lucky socks before her audition. On the other hand her brother Max has no such bad luck - he's on a competition winning streak!
Season 1, Episode 2 (Best Friends) 28:00

Season 1, Episode 2 (Best Friends)

3.0 2 x
Dani's left looking after Max and the baby from hell, so Sam and Toby go to a party without her and get on surprisingly well... so far. Meanwhile Max and Ben need to get their confiscated water pistols back from Dani.
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