Season 2018 Episode 28 - Un Sex Abuse Scandal

3.0 14 x
What happens when the peacekeepers meant to protect people, become the most feared? This week Dateline follows the trail of sex abuse left behind by UN peacekeepers, and hears from their victims.

Season 2018 Episode 26 - India's Hospital Train

4.0 3 x
All aboard the Lifeline Express - the hospital train using India's railway network to deliver medical care and life changing operations to the country's most vulnerable.

Season 2018 Episode 25 - From Pariah To Messiah

4.0 8 x
Dateline travels to Kenya to meet an intersex preacher making ripples among a conservative Christian population. How has he overcome the stigma surrounding his sex to give voice to the ‘third gender’?

Throwback Thursday: Above the Law

4.0 16 x
Dateline Throwback Thursday: Above the Law? -

Season 2018 Episode 14 - Myanmar's Killing Fields

4.0 31 x
A special investigation into the mass exodus of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar. The film examines evidence that Myanmar’s security forces used systematic rape and terror tactics to expel hundreds of thousands of Rohingya from the country.

Season 2018 Episode 12 - Yemen's Children Of War

3.0 13 x
What happens when three Yemeni kids under constant bombing attacks, are asked to report on the warzone they’re living in? An intimate and horrifying portrait of a community struggling to cope with the violence around them.

Throwback Thursday: Nightmare in the Making

4.0 11 x
“These are the rantings of somebody who’s lost the plot.” We’ve pulled this snapshot from 20 years ago of life in controversial leader Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. Our editor Pottsy helped cut this film tape-to-tape in 2000 – a story of violence and fanaticism.

Season 2017 Episode 41 - Mosul: Life After I.S. (Arabic Version)

4.0 10 x
Mosul: Life After I.S. (ARABIC) - The people of Mosul are re-adjusting to life after I.S. rule. Dateline meets people trying to revive the city, its culture and monuments, in a place that faced so much devastation.

Season 2018 Episode 3 - Sunny With A Chance Of Gunfire

3.0 11 x
Sunny With A Chance Of Gunfire - Can one Australian woman make a difference in South Sudan’s brutal civil war? We meet the frontline aid worker who ‘thinks like a General’, in order to save lives.

Season 2018 Episode 2 - Swapped from Manus to Missouri

4.0 11 x
Swapped from Manus to Missouri - Dateline meets the refugees swapped in a deal between Australia and the United States. Dateline takes a look at what it’s like arriving in Trump’s America after four years on Manus Island.