May 2019

Season 2019 Episode 10 - Japan's Secret Shame

4.0 1 x
In a country where sexual assault is considered a taboo subject, one woman shocked Japan by going public with allegations she was raped by a well-known TV journalist.

What you should know about chickens

3.0 3 x
People eat 65 billion chickens every year. It is the fastest-growing meat product. Yet pound for pound the price of chicken has fallen sharply. How has this happened?

Season 2019 Episode 9 - Sulawesi's Extinction Business

3.0 1 x
Dateline investigates the illegal wildlife trade in Sulawesi and how it’s wiping out rare and endemic species. Once dubbed the Galapagos of Asia - can it be saved before it’s too late?
April 2019

Season 2019 Episode 8 - Malaysia's Fish Bombers

4.0 3 x
In Malaysia, fishermen are bombing one of the world’s most valuable coral reefs, risking both the environment and their lives to put food on the table.
September 2018

Season 2018 Episode 28 - Un Sex Abuse Scandal

3.0 18 x
What happens when the peacekeepers meant to protect people, become the most feared? This week Dateline follows the trail of sex abuse left behind by UN peacekeepers, and hears from their victims.
August 2018

Season 2018 Episode 26 - India's Hospital Train

4.0 5 x
All aboard the Lifeline Express - the hospital train using India's railway network to deliver medical care and life changing operations to the country's most vulnerable.

Season 2018 Episode 25 - From Pariah To Messiah

4.0 8 x
Dateline travels to Kenya to meet an intersex preacher making ripples among a conservative Christian population. How has he overcome the stigma surrounding his sex to give voice to the ‘third gender’?
May 2018

Throwback Thursday: Above the Law

4.0 18 x
Dateline Throwback Thursday: Above the Law? -

Season 2018 Episode 14 - Myanmar's Killing Fields

4.0 32 x
A special investigation into the mass exodus of Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar. The film examines evidence that Myanmar’s security forces used systematic rape and terror tactics to expel hundreds of thousands of Rohingya from the country.

Season 2018 Episode 12 - Yemen's Children Of War

3.0 13 x
What happens when three Yemeni kids under constant bombing attacks, are asked to report on the warzone they’re living in? An intimate and horrifying portrait of a community struggling to cope with the violence around them.