Deadly Cults

August 2020

Episode 4 (Palo Mayombe)

4.0 27 x
After crossing the Mexican border from Brownsville, Texas, a student out on spring break goes missing; the investigation leads US officials to a cult known for practicing witchcraft led by a former male model and a high school cheerleader.

Episode 3 (Killers of Rulo)

2.5 16 x
After hearing about a religious cult stockpiling weapons on an isolated farm outside Rulo, Nebraska, FBI agents cultivate an informant from inside the group who details the torture and murder being ordered by the group's diabolical leader.
July 2020

Episode 2 (Kirtland Murders)

4.0 12 x
Police in Kirtland, Ohio receive a tip about a family of five killed and buried in a barn belonging to a local cult; as they question the cult, investigators learn even more details of power and manipulation leading up to the murder.

Episode 1 (Vampire Clan)

4.0 36 x
Jennifer Wendorf comes home to find her parents brutally murdered and sister missing; searching for answers, investigators discover a complicated web tracing back to a cult of self-proclaimed vampires.