Death In Paradise

August 2019

Episode 4

4.0 38 x
On the island to track down the fabled buried treasure of the legendary pirate, Le Clerc, the seemingly harmless group of treasure hunters are shocked when geologist, Dr Ian Parks, is brutally killed in leader, Daniel Morgan's, tent.

Episode 3

4.0 13 x
A body found floating in a cosmetic clinic presents a complex case for DI Poole's team. Everything points to suicide, but Richard is not content with this hypothesis.
July 2019

Episode 2

4.0 15 x
When a young nun is found dead in her smoke-filled bedroom, DI Richard Poole and his team are soon on the scene. What seems like a tragic accident caused by a lit cigarette soon turns into a murder investigation.

Episode 1

3.0 15 x
DI Poole is learning to cope with the tropical climate and laid-back atmosphere of Saint Marie, but every day still presents a challenge for the traditional detective.

Episode 8

4.5 15 x
A young woman is found murdered in her home, coins stuffed in her mouth, and initial evidence points to Dwayne. As Richard struggles to uncover the true culprit, he is informed of a possible chance to return home to England.

Episode 7

4.0 20 x
A comeback concert for a popular band ends abruptly with the death of the lead singer as he is revealed onstage, shot to death. DI Poole must contend with the local music scene (and his fear of snakes) to uncover the killer.
June 2019

Episode 5

3.0 27 x
A prisoner escort aboard a ferry goes horribly wrong when the man is stabbed to death while handcuffed to Poole, leaving the detective humiliated and determined to find the killer.
April 2019

Episode 6

3.0 23 x
DI Goodman and the team are under pressure to solve the murder of a volleyball player.
March 2019

Season 7, Episode 8

4.0 52 x
When the lead guitarist of a popular reggae band is murdered, Jack and his team must crack a cold case that has haunted the Commissioner for years before they can arrest the killer. (Final)

Season 7, Episode 7

3.0 31 x
Long-buried memories are raked up for JP when someone from his past is caught red-handed at a murder scene and Jack must unravel a complex mystery to find the truth.