Death In Paradise

Season 9

Season 9, Episode 4

3.0 8 x
Jack faces a life-changing decision whilst investigating the murder of a man found dead in a boat off the Saint Marie coast.

Season 9, Episode 3

3.0 11 x
Jack's romance with Anna blossoms while he and the rest of the team investigate the mysterious death of a cyclist during a race.

Episode 6

3.0 13 x
Goodman and the team investigate the murder of a bird-watcher in the Saint-Marie jungle.
Season 9

Season 9, Episode 2

4.5 9 x
The Honore police department are tested when they investigate the poisoning of a celebrated artist in her studio, under very puzzling circumstances.

Season 9, Episode 1

4.0 19 x
New Year's Eve celebrations are cut short when a masked man stabs a woman in her home. Jack and the team must uncover the identity of the murderer.

Episode 2

4.5 21 x
Humphrey Goodman and his team are called to investigate a murder on a film set.
Season 8

Season 8, Episode 8 - Murder Begins At Home

3.7 28 x
When a storm hits Saint Marie the Police Station becomes a crime scene. A man is found dead, locked inside, but how did he get in there - and how did the killer escape without touching any of the locks? (Season Final)

Season 8, Episode 5 - Beyond The Shining Sea (part One)

4.0 17 x
In this first episode of a two-part special, a shadow is cast over a small fishing community in the village of Belle Mer when their festival queen 'Mama D'Mer' Tiana, is murdered.
Season 6

Season 6, Episode 8

4.0 13 x
Saint Marie's mayoral elections are thrown into disarray when Victor Pearce, local entrepreneur and odds on favourite to win, is stabbed in the polling booth as he - and the other three candidates - cast their vote. (Final)

Season 6, Episode 7

3.0 18 x
When a tourist returning to the island claims to alibi the convicted killer of the Saint Marie Times' former editor, DI Jack Mooney must revisit the case files and ensure that justice is delivered.