Delicious Iceland

May 2014


3.0 112 x
In the final episode, chef Volli travels to Hvalfjordur to collect some fresh wild mussels which he takes to the family lodge to prepare mussel soup to go with some thin crusted bread. After a spot of fishing, Volli sets up a kitchen outdoors where ...


4.0 89 x
Tonight, chef Volli begins by going to a beef farm that has some of the best meat in Iceland. From there he travels to Mosfellsbakari, a bakery that is known for its bread and pastries. After picking up some bread, Volli heads to the kitchen where t...
April 2014


4.0 85 x
Chef Volli catches up with some local fishermen who are catching and smoking mackerel, before heading to the kitchen to make two original dishes. Volli then goes to the eastern part of Iceland where he meets a mushroom expert who shows him a thing o...


3.0 74 x
Chef Volli ventures to the northern part of Iceland, which is a breathtakingly beautiful area crowded with volcanoes and geothermal energy. There he demonstrates how to bake rye bread by using geothermal power. Later Volli heads to Laxá in Adaldalur...


3.0 69 x
Tonight, the focus is on lobster and fresh vegetables. Chef Volli starts by travelling to a small village on the south coast of Iceland, called Stokkseyri, where the country’s most renowned lobster restaurant is located. There he meets up with the l...
March 2014


3.0 96 x
Icelandic chef Volli Volundarson has worked in top restaurants around the world. In this six-part series, he returns to his spectacular homeland to rediscover traditional Icelandic dishes. This first episode focuses on fish, as chef Volli and his fr...