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Dessert Masters

The Dessert Masters Grand Final is here! The finalists will battle it out in a two-course service challenge. Whoever is the top scorer will be crowned champion of Dessert Masters.

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Season 1
It's the semi-final of Dessert Masters and the five remaining pastry chefs are one cook away from a place in the grand finale. To get there, they'll need to cook a delicious dish 'inspired by nature'.
Tonight, in a double elimination, contestants are cooking a Christmas dish that means something to them. Curtis Stone brings presents of fruit for each contestant that they need to hero in their dish.
In the third elimination challenge of the season, the contestants are given a list of retro movie titles, and a challenge: they must draw inspiration from one of these films and create a dessert.
Inspired by Amaury Guichon, the King of Chocolate, tonight we're celebrating all things chocolate. The best dish will win their maker Immunity from the next Elimination.
The contestants face an elimination mystery box where they must feature an ingredient in a frozen element. They can choose from beetroot, berry liquor, rosella, and chilli.
Today, the contestants are split into three teams of three for a challenging team relay where they must hero the secret ingredient, maple syrup.
There's no room to crack under pressure in the first Dessert Masters elimination, as our pastry powerhouses are challenged to "Smash It" by creating a dish that smashes or cracks.
To win the first Immunity Challenge the contestants need to make a dish that isn't what it seems. Inspired by Amaury's famous lifelike dessert masterpieces.
With the only immunity pin on the line, ten chefs create their very own dessert Masterpieces vying for the first win of the competition.