Destination Australia


July 19, 2014

4.0 77 x
Bittersweet Freedom - Teenager Rashiq has recently arrived in Australia, nine years after his father fled Iran and was put into detention here. His freedom is bittersweet. Narrated by Deborah Mailman. (Commissioned by SBS in Arabic and English, English subtitles) (Documentary Series) (Rpt) PG CC WS

April 2, 2014

3.0 113 x
Bridge Between Two Worlds - An intimate portrait of the struggles and triumphs of three refugee children, Filimon, Martin and Mujtaba, as they prepare to leave the safety of an intensive English language primary school and take their first tentative steps into mainstream Australian society. (Commissioned by SBS in English)...

February 18, 2014

3.0 45 x
Victoria Achut battled her way through medical school and escaped a civil war in Sudan, but her biggest struggle yet has been re-starting life in the 'lucky country' with three small children, an absent husband and mounting bills. Determined to become a doctor in Australia, she finally secures an internship at a hospital, ...