Devil In Suburbia

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Devil In Suburbia

In upstate New York, a mother loses her 5-year old son who's battled a medical condition that has plagued him since birth. Doctors claim his death is not from a natural cause.

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Season 1
To the dismay of their traditional father, Amina and Sarah Said aspire to live the life of an ordinary American teen. Tensions within the family brew as they resist his dictates.
In rural Kentucky, police receive a distressing call about the brutal killing of a family in their home. Authorities learn the victim's son is the sole survivor of the attack.
Police find a family savagely murdered, in their Oklahoma home. When police find a victim still clinging to life and able to provide answers, they launch a search.
In Florida, a pastor and his wife take in a woman from their congregation. They announce she is a surrogate for their child. When she disappears, things may not be what they seem.
Three bodies are discovered in a burned-out home in Scottsdale, and a fourth family member is missing. Investigators realize they have a triple homicide on their hands.