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The village are throwing the Ellinghams a farewell party - Ruth is helping Mrs Tishell deal with the news and encourages her to attend. (Final)

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Season 10
The news of Martin's Imperial College job offer is flying through the village. Caitlin blames Bert for the flooded pub cellar, and an emergency on the rocks helps Morwenna make some important decisions.
Martin and Louisa are off to London for Martin to present his research paper. Janice is looking after the children, but things don't go smoothly when Penhale tries to help.
Louisa is shocked when she finds her father making a cup of tea in their kitchen. Having not seen him in years while Bert's in a bit of a whisky-inspired bother...again.
Martin advises Mrs Moore to stop cold-water swimming until they've ruled out the cause of her migraines. Mrs Tishell tries to help, but things don't go swimmingly when their hired kayak capsizes, and Irene almost drowns.
Morwenna is back as receptionist and the Ellinghams have a new dog. Martin attends Stewart's survival course, but not as a participant like Al and Penhale.
The surgery is chaotic, with both Martin and Louisa now practising from it. Bert's new business venture with Al doesn't get off to a good start, and Penhale suspects noise complaints are due to paranormal activity.
After having his career scrutinised by the General Medical Council because of his blood phobia, Martin makes efforts to overcome his fear and begins to question whether he made the right decision about resigning.