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Creative Generation 2021

Expired 4.7 55 x
State School students from across Queensland showcase their creative talents in this annual arena music spectacular.

The Anti-Vax Conspiracy

4.0 8 x
Who are the people behind the international anti-Covid-vaccine movement and why are they doing it? This journey inside the astonishing world of the anti-vaxxers finds out.


4.0 4 x
Behind every homeless person is a story. How did they end up living on the streets? How do they survive and what are their expectations for the future?

Waste = Food

3.0 5 x
Man is the only creature that produces landfills. Natural resources are being deleted on a rapid scale. A design and production concept that is called Cradle to Cradle is the new hope.

Cat Crazed

4.0 5 x
The cat is the world's most popular pet. So celebrate our love affair with felines and find a new relationship where all cats are loved and none are abandoned.

My Sex Robot

3.0 12 x
A documentary about the rising popularity of sex robots. In this, we meet a number of men who are attracted to robots and the pioneers who are making this fantasy, into a reality.

Bodyline: The Ultimate Test

4.0 29 x
Adam Zwar, cricket tragic, delves into the bodyline legend. What was it like to face those speeding bouncers without a helmet? Can he stand the ultimate test?

Global Junk Food

3.0 5 x
In Europe, food manufacturers have signed up to responsibility pledges, promising no added sugar, preservatives, artificial colours or flavours and not to target children. So why are they using tactics banned in the West in the developing world?

Prescribing Death

4.0 3 x
Oxycontin. Codeine. Fentanyl. All prescription drugs to which countless patients have become addicted. America battles an opioid crisis that sees 170 citizens die everyday.

The Science of Happiness

3.0 26 x
What does it mean to pursue happiness? With the latest understanding of neuroscience, researchers have begun to break down the code of happiness.