Dr Miami

Dr Miami catch up

August 2020

Episode 5 (Bad Girls Gone Wild)

4.0 57 x
Bad girls blow up at Dr. Miami's staff; a sister-surgery competition takes place; and a woman wants her nose to look like her hubby's ex-wife, but her surgery may be in danger.

Episode 4 (Drama Queens)

4.0 27 x
Dr. Miami helps Telenovela star Raquenel fix her deep wounds, but her bestie may scare her off. Later, a glamour model wants a new nose, but her strict mom challenges the doctor.
July 2020

Episode 3 (Pretty Kitty)

3.0 53 x
Dr. Miami is challenged to fix a shooting victim's nerve pain. Later, a woman wants to surprise her boyfriend with a new "kitty" and O-shot.

Episode 2 (Downsized & Daddy Issues)

4.0 49 x
An actress wants a breast reduction, but it threatens to end her relationship. Later, a woman wants a new bod, but her controlling dad is anti-surgery.

Episode 1 (Plastic Makes Perfect)

3.0 44 x
In the series premiere, Dr. Miami is shocked by a surprise at Ashley's makeover reveal. Later, social-media star Adam Barta wants a new nose and chin, but his missing implant wreaks havoc in the operating room.