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With a birthmark covering half her body, Sarah thought she'd never be a bride. Then a surprise pregnancy led to a courthouse ceremony, and now she needs the Queens' help.

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Season 1
A professor is struggling to connect with her son who wants to be a drag queen. She wants to understand why anyone would want to become a drag queen and calls the Queens for help.
Kari a quirky bride from Ohio is on the verge of throwing in the towel with her wedding after losing the ceremony space at the 11th hour. The Queens swoop in to save the day.
Amy is throwing herself a party to celebrate losing 130 pounds. Despite shedding the weight, she doesn't feel beautiful. Amy needs the Queens to help her with a new attitude.
Danyale has been named Queen of her 30th all-class high school reunion and needs the Queens to help her prepare for the coronation! She struggles to find herself beautiful.
Corinne is a tough wrestler who hides her insecurities behind her wrestling persona. The Queens give her a bridal transformation to be her true self on her wedding day.