Dragons: Riders Of Berk


Season 1, Episode 14 (When Lightning Strikes)

3.0 2 x
The Vikings of Berk suspect the dragons may be causing lightning storms in the village.

Season 1, Episode 13 (Twinsanity)

3.0 3 x
Hiccup and the gang struggle to uphold the traditions that keep the peace between Berk and the Beserkers.

Season 1, Episode 12 (Thawfest)

3.0 1 x
Hiccup tries to best Snotlout during the Thaw Games, the Vikings' annual sports competition.

Season 1, Episode 11 (Heather Report: Part 2)

3.0 1 x
Hiccup and the gang infiltrate the outsiders in order to free Heather's parents.

Season 1, Episode 10 (Heather Report: Part 1)

3.0 2 x
Hiccup and the gang befriend a beautiful stranger who has a dangerous secret.
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