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Dream Home

In this episode of Dream Home, the teams are haunted by old budget decisions, face risky pink designs, and when a secret is revealed, the teams are rocked to their core.

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Season 1
Our Victorian teams see their fully transformed homes for the first time. Then it’s back to work for our couples as they head to Queensland for what proves to be the most explosive build to date.
The first two dream homes are now complete and while our couples find out what the judges think of their efforts, the dream homeowners find out the new valuations of their renovated houses.
We are halfway through the second cycle of our Victorian Dream Homes. Our teams are up to their necks in bold designs, tight budgets, and the kind of drama that only comes from building a Dream Home.
With half the Melbourne houses renovated & judged, Brad, Mel & Ellie, finally get to see their work-in-progress Dream Homes. Everyone then heads back to make a start on their final rooms.
The judges tour the finished spaces at Elle’s Watsonia & Brad and Mel’s Northcote homes. All couples come face to face with the experts for the first time in the competition, for feedback & scores.
In Episode Three of Dream Home, our six couples have just four days left until they hand over two hopefully half completed dream homes in Northcote and Watsonia, to the Judges.
In the first two epic Dream Home renovations, the floor plans continue to change at Elle’s house in Watsonia. Plagued by delays, some rooms may not even be finished at Brad & Mel’s house in Northcote.
Dr. Chris Brown welcomes six couples to the competition where homeowners have their ordinary, run down houses completely transformed by other couples into the home of their dreams.