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Earth Science Investigators

Make-up and jewellery are the focus of today's investigation. Why do humans wear them? When did it start? How is jewellery actually made? The truth will be revealed.

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Season 1
The Earth is covered with plants. But why? How did plants spread around the world? How do they grow? And why can humans only eat some plants? All the answers will be revealed.
Our detectives have noticed very small humans. But what are they? What's going through their heads? Why are they so small? And how do they develop into big humans?
Fitness is the focus of today's investigation as our detectives examine the human obsession with being in shape. When did it start? How does it work?
Our detectives have noticed that humans are all encased in something called "skin". But what is it? How does it function? All their questions will be answered.
Our detectives have noticed that humans don't know everything. So today they're examining the biggest mysteries on Earth. From UFOs to deja vu to magic to aliens.
It's a rubbish investigation today as our detectives examine what humans throw out. Where does it go? How can it be recycled? And how do you make compost?
Money is today's focus as our detectives try to figure out when humans started using money, what money is actually made of and why money is different all over the world.
Our detectives have noticed that certain things on Earth are hot. But why? How do animals and plants survive in extreme heat? Why do chillies taste hot?
Humans seem to be obsessed with time. But how does time work? Why is it different times in different places on Earth?
Our detectives can't help wondering why Earth has been split up into different countries. Why are there so many? Who decided where the borders are? How do you travel between them?
Our detectives have noticed that humans are sending rockets into space. But why? What have humans discovered up there so far? And what are their plans for the future?
Currents, tides, waves and marine life are all under the microscope as Major Letdown and Private Groupchat seek to discover what on Earth is going on under the sea.
Why is the Earth all different colours? Do animals see the same colours? It's a colourful investigation as Major Letdown and Private Groupchat get the facts about colours.
Why do humans celebrate birthdays? And New Years? And anniversaries? Today, Major Letdown and Private Groupchat are finding out all about events.
Tides, waves, dunes, sand - we're hitting the beach today to find out when humans first start going to the beach, how beaches are formed and what creatures live at the beach.
Smiling is something that humans do. What does it mean? Do animal smiles mean the same as human smiles? Why do humans laugh? Our detectives are getting all the pearly white facts.
Why do humans spend so much time looking at art? What makes some art better than other art? In an artful investigation, our detectives are getting all the answers on art.
Fame. It seems like humans are obsessed with it. But why? When did humans decide they wanted to be famous? How does it feel to be famous? How do you become famous?
Why is there so much water? Why are humans always drinking it? Why haven't humans run out of water? It's an adventure as our detectives are saturated with facts about water.