Season 2

Season 2, Episode 10

3.0 12 x
Every second counts at The Royal Melbourne Hospital's Emergency Department, as injured people pour in. Dr Luke treats an injured tradie hit by a falling tree.

Episode 8

4.0 35 x
Doctors rush to save a man bleeding internally after being thrown from a horse. A law student's condition puzzles Dr Luke. Dr George has grave fears for a handy man.

Episode 7

4.0 11 x
An extraordinary team of real-life medical heroes fight to save desperate patients suffering life-threatening injuries.

Episode 6

4.0 5 x
At Royal Melbourne Emergency a paramedic becomes the patient after stepping on a deadly snake while jogging. Drs Dunne and Alexander treat a seriously injured grandmother.

Episode 4

4.0 23 x
A crane operator is crushed under falling steel at work and is flown to The Royal Melbourne. Dr Jonathan Papson calls in reinforcements as the young worker's vital signs worsen.

Episode 3

4.5 17 x
At Royal Melbourne emergency, an abattoir worker has cut her fingers off. Can Dr Bjorn Makein and nurse Sarah Thomas save her hand?

Episode 2

4.0 22 x
In Royal Melbourne Emergency, a teen jockey has been crushed under a horse, fracturing her pelvis. This potentially career-ending injury isn't Dr Mya Cubitt's biggest worry.

Episode 1

4.0 46 x
Dr Mya and Nurse Ebony brace themselves as paramedics bring in a man who's been on a two-day drug bender. Dr Emma calls in back-up to save a mum who's clinging to life.

Episode 10

3.0 45 x
Dr Miriam treats a heavily pregnant mum-to-be who collapsed at a train station platform, falling face-first and landing on her stomach. Dr Sarah fears for a cyclist who was hit by a car and can't feel his feet.

Episode 9

2.0 25 x
A life hangs in the balance as Dr Emma rushes to meet a critically injured road trauma victim at the helipad. Dr Lauren treats an American schoolboy who plunged 10 metres down a cliff and is bleeding heavily from an open fracture.