Season 3

Season 3, Episode 13 - Camping Under The Stars

4.5 16 x
Emma finds a yellow and a black scarf in her music box to dance with in the garden.

Season 3, Episode 12 - Giraffes In The Bath

4.0 3 x
Emma finds a tiny giraffe in her music box that becomes a very tall giraffe in the garden to dance with.

Season 3, Episode 11 - Tutu Time

4.5 8 x
Emma finds a tiny tutu in her music box and wondrously, the toy tutu transforms into her tutu and she dances away in her bowtiful ballet tutu.

Season 3, Episode 10 - Fishing For My Kite

3.0 8 x
What a bowtiful day to go flying a kite! Emma enjoys flying her kite outside, but the wind picks up and her kite falls into the lake.

Season 3, Episode 9 - Flags, Friends And Festivity

4.0 7 x
Emma discovers a bowtiful yellow flag that takes her on a flying, flapping adventure. Join in with Emma's flag dancing in the garden.

Season 3, Episode 8 - Shake The Papaya

3.0 4 x
Emma imagines she is at the beach on a sunny afternoon but as the weather begins to change, the wind blows the papaya fruit down from the trees and it starts to rain!

Season 3, Episode 7 - Wind Power

3.0 2 x
The wind turns Emma's pinwheel, round and round! Watch as the pinwheel becomes a windmill on Farmer Frankie's farm.

Season 3, Episode 6 - Care And Comb

3.0 6 x
Emma's discovery of a tiny horse inside her music box takes her on a trail ride adventure. She begins to ride her hobby horse through the garden and finds herself at an imaginary stable.

Season 3, Episode 5 - Bowtiful Glasses

4.0 5 x
Emma likes to wear her glasses to see things more clearly. Join Emma's discovery of the details of the plants in the garden and finally being able to read her fruit salad recipe with her glasses on.

Season 3, Episode 4 - Hat On My Head

4.0 15 x
Emma takes her bowtiful hat to wear outside, whilst dancing in the garden. However, the hat also comes in handy as she delves into some gardening.