Employable Me

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Season 1
Ben taps into the positive aspects of his OCD job hunting. Krystyna is geography personified but her Peter Pan attitude is a barrier to work. Jonathan throws his hat in the ring with neuro-typical accounting candidates.
Meet the extraordinary job seekers who aim to prove that having a neurological condition shouldn't make them unemployable. Follow the challenges faced by Kayla who has Tourette Syndrome & Tim & Rohan who both have autism.
Marty has Fragile X and wants workplaces to see that he is an employable man. Cain's insight about his autism and its impact on his life is stirring and Jessica offers up her IT skills to companies targeting neurodiversity.
23 year-old Ellie has Tourette's syndrome and 27 year-old Ben has autism. Both are desperate to find work and have super strengths that would really benefit employers. Now they have the chance to prove it.
Two more job seekers with Tourette's & autism try to prove they have strengths that would benefit employers; Tom, who suffers from an extreme form of Tourette's Syndrome & 29-year-old Ashley, who has Asperger Syndrome.
52 year-old Paul has a severe case of Tourette's, but is determined to succeed at work again. Meanwhile, 34 year-old Brett has autism and visits a world-renowned expert, who reveals his true hidden genius.