Escape to the Chateau


Episode 4 (The Party Of A Lifetime)

3.0 28 x
It's the height of the summer. Dick and Angel are planning one of the year's biggest events, Angel's parents' 50th wedding anniversary, the party of a lifetime, with 100 guests.

Episode 1

4.2 98 x
Dick and Angel throw open the shutters of their French chateau for a new season, as they get to work creating a luxury glamping experience. If it can stop raining, that is.

Episode 7

4.4 74 x
Dick and Angel are preparing for a magical Christmas at the chateau, with festive treats for family and friends, including Dick's walnut wine and a super-sized Christmas tree

Episode 2

4.2 65 x
It's harvest time and Dick wants to make jam and turn pears into booze. Angel has big plans for a floating geodesic dome over the moat. Plus - a special birthday treat for Dick.

Episode 3 (Weddings & Aviaries)

4.3 119 x
It's the wedding season. Dick and Angel are at their busiest while also tangling with a circus tent, two giant aviaries, and a water lily pond just like in a Monet painting.

February 18, 2020

4.0 156 x
As the wedding season comes to the chateau, Dick and Angel's lives are about to get busier.
Episodes 2019

Episode 6

4.8 344 x
It's harvest time at the chateau. But there's still time for family wheelbarrow races, to give the basement a swish makeover, and to convert the old piggery into a chicken coop.

Episode 5

4.3 152 x
Before winter sets in, Dick ploughs the wild flower meadow and joins with Angel in bringing the dilapidated coach house back to life, in a bid to create 'Cafe Grandma'

Episode 4

3.3 167 x
It's the height of summer and the heat is on for Dick and Angel, with the peak of the events season, wedding cakes melting, school holidays, a boating lake, and a leaky boat

Episode 3

4.6 218 x
Angel creates a series of rooms bursting with beauty in the chateau's pepper-pot turret. Dick opens up a parkour fitness trail in the grounds, but he hits an unexpected snag.