Escape to the Chateau

May 2019

Episode 1

4.7 8 x
Dick and Angel Strawbridge transform a chateau into a fairy tale castle, working on 20 rooms that still need fixing; Angel buys a van; lime trees.

Episode 3

4.5 14 x
As winter descends on the chateau and Christmas looms, Dick and Angel Strawbridge rush to complete a huge to-do list before the arrival of the family from England.

Episode 2

4.7 15 x
Keen to expand the business, Dick and Angel Strawbridge consider moat fishing, woodland foraging and installing a lift. Will the chateau survive such a monumental conversion?
November 2016

Episode 4

3.2 779 x
Can Dick Strawbridge and his partner bring an abandoned French chateau back to life in a year?