Every Body Curious

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Season 1
When it comes to safety, understanding and applying strategies around consent is a fundamental social skill. This episode explores the many ways consent is applied everyday...because consent means everybody wants to!
Why do people kiss? What happens when we kiss? The kids explore how kissing is different in family, friendly, and romantic relationships in the Every Body Curious Kissing Wheel game.
Puberty can be a confusing time, but knowledge can help make things a little easier! In this episode, we'll learn about what's happening in the mind and in the body during puberty.
Season 2
All healthy relationships are based on mutual respect for the people involved. Relationships of all kinds - online and offline, require open communication from all parties.
How do you tell someone you like them? What do you say when someone asks you out on a date? Communication is an essential part of consent, and it's a skill we work on throughout our entire lives!