Season 1, Episode 5 (Grand Final Special)

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Season 1, Episode 5 (Grand Final Special) of Exhumed was broadcast by ABC1 on Thursday 13 August 2015 at 10:58.

Episode 5 Grand Final Special

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The big night has finally arrived! The Exhumed Grand Final live from Sydney's Rooty Hill RSL. The Final 6 bands have travelled to Sydney - some for the first time - to compete for the title of Exhumed Winner 2013. #ABCexhumed

Episode 4 5/12/2013

3.0 35 x
This episode turns up the heat on the competition, as the bands check each other out and try to get themselves in top form for the Grand Final. #ABCexhumed

Episode 3 28/11/2013

3.0 29 x
James Valentine knows that when it comes to performing, busking is one of the best ways to prove how good a band really is. So how will the Final 6 react when they're told they will be busking in their hometowns?

Episode 2 21/11/2013

3.0 47 x
Who will represent Australia's amateur bands at the Grand Final? Faced with so much talent, it wasn't easy - but James has chosen the Final 6 bands from across the country. #ABCexhumed

Episode 1 14/11/2013

3.0 33 x
It's the competition that's taking the nation by storm. Exhumed is searching for the 'best bands you've never heard of'. It's not for has-beens, it's not for wannabes, it's for the never-weres... and there's plenty of them!