August 2021

S2 Ep1

3.0 9 x
The guys attempt to pull off a highly profitable insider trade; William kicks Celine out of the house, while Adam tries to find out if Hermine still cares.

S2 Ep2

4.0 1 x
Hermine starts to come up with a plan for revenge; the guys start to set up the insider trade, while William attempts to get Pim back.

S2 Ep3

4.0 7 x
Henrik finds himself stuck between his fatigue with life and his fear of death; Hermine's life crisis leads her to New York.

S2 Ep4

4.0 2 x
Hermine visits Beskow in New York, asking him to help ruin Adam; the guys' lives are a non-stop party in Oslo.

S2 Ep5

3.0 2 x
As things start to unravel despite appearances, Hermine puts herself in danger when she breaks into Adam's house to search for information.

S2 Ep6

4.0 5 x
The climax of the insider trading plan approaches, and the guys are busy ensuring their connections are ready.
February 2020

Season 1 Episode 1

3.0 15 x
Adam's life only looks perfect, as he looks for thrills by drinking and doing drugs with his three best friends, Henrik, Jeppe, and William. His wife Hermine is taking a fertility test after years of trying. At a dinner at her mother's, Adam gets into a fight with them both, and meets up with his friends at their regular b...

Season 1 Episode 2

3.0 33 x
The friends all meet up at William and Celine's party. The guys get high right away, and Jeppe advises Adam to fake impotence, should Hermine's fertility test results turn out as expected. Adam and Hermine retreat to a nearby cabin, where Jeppe's impotence ploy eventually fails when faced with Hermine's persuasive powers. ...

Season 1 Episode 3

4.0 35 x
The guys meet up in William's hospital room and do coke. They give some to the comatose William, who wakes up. Once they leave, he tries to see what his he looks like in the mirror. It's not pretty. Late that same evening, Hermine accidentally runs into Henrik at their regular bar, while Adam resumes his feud with the nei...

Season 1 Episode 4

4.0 35 x
Hermine tells Adam she's pregnant. He plays it cool and invites her to dinner. Celine tells William she wants a divorce. William sees the torpedo outside his house, but there's no one there. He joins Jeppe at Henrik's bachelor party. At dinner, Adam can barely can contain his rage. He is too drunk to drive, but steps on He...