Exodus: Our Journey


Season 2 Episode 3

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This final episode of the series follows the fate of Nazifa and her family as they make a final attempt to reach Germany. We meet Sadiq, and it took him just 45 days to travel from Afghanistan to his dream destination of Finland but the welcome he experienced when he arrived has not sustained. Across Europe policies have c...

Season 2 Episode 2

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The impact of the rise of the right reverberates across Europe. Nazifa and Latif make a potentially life changing decision. We revisit Israa and her family from the first series of Exodus, who risked their lives escaping Syria in 2015 and made the terrifying journey to Europe when borders were open and refugees welcome. Th...

Season 2 Episode 1

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Ali and Sharin are newlyweds from Afghanistan. They have spent the last month camping on the streets, of Thessaloniki, waiting for smugglers to get them across the heavily guarded borders into Macedonia and Serbia. This is not the honeymoon they dreamed of.