Expeditions With Patrick Mcmillan

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Season 3

NewSeason 3, Episode 6 - Colorado Rocky Mountains: Challenges And Changes

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When you think of the Rocky Mountains you probably picture a wilderness that is far removed from our influence. It turns out that may not be the case. Life is changing here from the alpine lakes to fragile tundra life to the mighty forests of the mountain slopes. Join Patrick as he explores the challenges and changes that ...

NewSeason 3, Episode 5 - Colorado Rocky Mountains: The Rooftop Of America

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Life in the alpine is existing on the fringe. It's hard to believe that life could persist here, let alone flourish. From beautiful alpine flowers to mountain goats and the shy pika, life is abundant. Join Patrick as he explores just how life thrives in the Colorado Rockies, the rooftop of America.

NewSeason 3, Episode 4 - Trans-Pecos: A Changing Landscape

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On top of being a hotspot for biodiversity, the West Texas region of the Trans-Pecos is a constantly evolving landscape. Boasting a remarkable array of flora and fauna, the Trans-Pecos is home to several species unique to that particular area. While many associate the Trans-Pecos with the arid desert, cacti are not the onl...

NewSeason 3, Episode 3 - Trans-Pecos: Texas' Natural Melting Pot

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One of the most misunderstood regions of North America, the Trans-Pecos, is not a desolate expanse of nothingness like commonly thought. In fact, it is a melting pot of several different biomes. While it does indeed make up the northern portion of the Chihuahuan Desert, the Trans-Pecos also features a vast stretch of grass...

Season 3, Episode 2 - Catalina Island: Jewel Of The Pacific

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Now a tourist hotspot, Catalina once played host to a native population that utilised Catalina's intricate landscape to its advantage. The island has faced its fair share of tribulations, though, mostly due to the introductions of disease and environmental hindrances from various non-native species. Thankfully, the Catalin...

Season 3, Episode 1 - Catalina Island : Journey Beyond Avalon

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While the island of Avalon is purely mythical, in theory, its essence does indeed exist on the picturesque island of Catalina that is quaintly nestled off of the southern coast of California. Boasting a remarkable plethora of wildlife, Catalina Island is a wildlife sanctuary in every sense of the term. Nature's ersion of a...