S1 Ep4 - The Silent And The Damned: Part 2

3.0 63 x
The Silent and the Damned: Part 2 - In tonight's series finale, Falcón defies orders to halt his investigation into the death of businessman, Raphael Baena, and Chilean journalist, Virgilio Guzman. An attempt on his own life only strengthens his res...

S1 Ep3 - The Silent And The Damned: Part 1

3.0 57 x
The Silent And The Damned: Part 1 - Falcón is still recovering from the loss of his nephew and the shocking discovery that he is the product of an affair that cost his mother her life. Unable to face staying at home with his demons and nothing to ke...

S1 Ep2 - Blind Man Of Seville, The: Part 2

3.0 106 x
Javier Falcón continues his investigation into a series of murders that seem to be linked by secrets in the past. A second victim has been found surrounded by imitations of the famous Falcón nudes, paintings that made Falcón's father, Francisco, on...

S1 Ep1 - The Blind Man Of Seville: Part 1

2.5 46 x
The Blind Man Of Seville - Sevillian detective Javier Falcon is a brilliant detective whose personal and professional life is compromised by dark secrets from the past. This episode, Falcon investigates the murder of a restaurant owner with a beauti...
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