False Flag

False Flag catch up

June 2020

Season 2 Episode 1

3.0 11 x
A fierce explosion rocks the inauguration ceremony for the new oil pipeline between Israel and Turkey. Eitan Kopel, the Mossad investigator, is summoned to join the Shin Bet and Eli to investigate the incident, which has grave strategic consequences.

Season 2 Episode 10

3.5 49 x
Anat, Amir, and Eitan join forces in an attempt to catch Sean, who is supposed to kill them. Earlier Eitan found a note for Lenny's sonogram appointment, so Anat is sent to contact Lenny to try and trace Sean's steps and catch him to question him about the identity of his and Jo's operators – the people in the black van.

Season 2 Episode 2

4.0 4 x
Investigators are sent to the suspects' homes. Eitan questions Mika – girlfriend of the suspect Amir Cohen – who is sure she's living with a hi-tech entrepreneur, and tries to hide the fact that she participated in an illegal demonstration. Meanwhile, the Ops Room discovers that Amir's father is Hamis il Hamati – an Israel...

Season 2 Episode 3

4.0 11 x
Dikla is released under house arrest. In the police car she realises she's being taken to her parents' home, and begins to go crazy. Her protests of having no contact with her Orthodox parents are in vain, and she is sent to her parents' home in the Haredi Orthodox neighborhood of Ramat Eliyahu. There she is forced to face...

Season 2 Episode 4

3.0 14 x
Mosh and Dovdov, who are as incompetent as third class drug dealers, bring Miriam to their apartment and lock her in a room. Pretty soon an armed hitman breaks in and takes Mosh and Dovdov out. Sure she's going to be next to die, Miriam is surprised when the assassin, whose face is concealed by a motorcycle helmet, lets he...

Season 2 Episode 5

4.0 20 x
At the safe house we discover for the first time that Amir and Anat are both operated by Sayag from the Mossad. Also, the USB drive that Anat brought from Moscow contains encrypted documents, including a secret contract between Russia and Israel. As the computer decodes the encryption, Anat and Amir hack into the Shin Bet ...

Season 2 Episode 6

3.0 20 x
Dressed as a Haredi Orthodox woman, Anat goes to the hospital to visit the wounded Uri. To get closer to him, she overtakes a medical clown and takes his costume. Anat goes into the hospital wing as Uri is being wheeled back to his room from surgery; she can't even touch him. Eitan ambushes Sagi in the hospital corridor, f...

Season 2 Episode 7

4.0 49 x
The Minister reads the Russian contract and claims that it is fake. When she leaves, Eitan shares his theory with Gafni: Anat and Amir were working for Sayag without official approval. Dikla reads in the newspaper that Dovdov and Mosh were murdered, and is stressed about the police coming. To her surprise, they release her...

Season 2 Episode 8

3.0 22 x
Anat is interrogated by the Shin Bet. She is deprived of sleep, as they try to get her to admit she is responsible for the explosion. Sean is at home with his girlfriend, who's pregnant. He tells her that he's finally going to get the money he is owed and they will be able to leave for Australia the next evening. Jo presse...

Season 2 Episode 9

3.0 59 x
Eitan interrogates Jo mercilessly, until eventually Jo breaks down and gives him a partial truth: she and Sean were in it together, but Sean was the one operating her, forcing her to bring all sorts of packages to him at the oil rig – she knew nothing about what was in them or who was operating Sean. This information is en...