Farmer Wants A Wife

August 2020

Episode 11

2.8 361 x
Relive your favourite moments from the Farmers’ journey to find love.

Episode 10

3.4 444 x
One farmer makes his final choice before host Natalie Gruzlewski gets the farmers back together for a heart-warming reunion special.

Episode 9

3.6 516 x
It's the last day on the farm before the ladies head back home while the farmers are left to make their life-changing decision. Will they make the right choice for ever lasting love?

Episode 8

4.0 512 x
The farmers go on their last one on one dates and must decide on their final two ladies in the next 48 hours. One farmer is completely thrown when his family share their views on his choice.

Episode 7

4.1 500 x
One Farmer receives heartbreaking news, which puts his road to love in Jeopardy. And it’s the final date decision night where the ladies pull out all the stops to make a lasting final impression.

Episode 6

3.5 456 x
Our five farmers have each chosen one lady for a romantic one-on-one date. One date ends with a kiss and another in heartbreak when a potential wife is given some surprising news.

Episode 5

4.0 296 x
It’s halfway through the farm stays and feelings are running high as the farmers get closer to picking their one true love. Jealousy rears its head when everyone gets together at a country ball.

Episode 4

4.6 630 x
The farmers embark on romantic one-on-one dates with their chosen ladies. Over intimate picnics and river swims, the farmers start to make connections with their dates.

Episode 3

4.1 822 x
Romance is blossoming and in a first for Farmer Wants A Wife, the farmers and their ladies come together for an Italian feast where a surprise visitor causes chaos at the party.
July 2020

Episode 2

3.9 612 x
Farmers Alex, Harry, Neil, Nick and Sam return to their farms, each bringing one lady they’ve chosen to spend the first 24-hour date with.