Farmer Wants A Wife



4.8 178 x
Find out who's still together when Natalie Gruzlewski gets the farmers back together for a heart-warming reunion special.

Episode 12

3.0 318 x
It's the last day on the farm before the ladies head back home while the farmers are left to make their life-changing decision. Will they make the right choice for ever lasting love?

Episode 11

3.0 252 x
The farmers and their ladies savour their final moments together on the farm before they head to the Big Smoke for one last celebration, where the ladies have tough questions for their farmers.

Episode 10

2.7 202 x
The final one-on-one dates are here and it's time for the Farmers to go from 0 - 100 for love!

Episode 9

2.0 210 x
The farmers and their ladies unwind on a group camping trip. Sparks fly with the news of a surprise visitor and one lady decides to pack her bags before the final one on one dates are decided.

Episode 8

4.5 204 x
The farmers each take a chosen lady on a romantic one on one date. Some farmers introduce their ladies to their friends and family before one farmer is blindsided by an unexpected departure.

Episode 7

3.3 151 x
The farmers and their ladies kick up their heels at the Farmer Wants a Wife country ball. And a game changing surprise kicks off the party.

Episode 6

3.7 129 x
It’s the halfway point in their search for love and each farmer takes one lady on a date. Then, a heartbreaking realisation pushes a farmer to face the music and a surprise letter wreaks havoc.

Episode 5

4.5 118 x
The group gathers for a big country feast. One farmer’s ladies create a pact to not “kiss and tell”, while another farmer’s affections are divided after a frank heart to heart with one his ladies.

Episode 4

4.5 195 x
The farmers have each chosen one lady for a romantic one-on one date. New connections form, before the farewell dinner, where the farmers must decide if they will send someone home.