Farmer Wants A Wife

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Farmer Wants A Wife

Our farmers head off on 24-hour dates with the ladies their families picked. One farmer realises he can’t go on. At the farm farewells, each farmer must send someone home.

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June 2024
The ladies must impress the Farmers’ closest relatives because they will have the responsibility of picking who will go on the final date with each Farmer, a full 24 hours alone.
Farmer Tom must make the most important decision of his life, is it Sarah or Krissy he wants a future with? Our other Farmers head off on dates with ladies their mates have picked.
The ladies meet the Farmers' friends. One woman sets off alarm bells, a confrontation leads to a dramatic walkout and Farmer Tom introduces his final two ladies to his family.
Farmers take the ladies on romantic 24-hour dates, before they each ask a lady to leave at a farewell dinner. But the revelation of a shocking secret threatens to derail one farm.
A weekend of surprises at Nat’s Getaway sees our Farmers and Ladies camping under the stars. As our ladies vie for one-on-one time with their Farmers – tensions rise between some.
Intimate blind dates ignite passion and strengthen connections. One farmer is caught in a compromising situation and a twist will shake up the experience leading to a shock reveal.
Our farmers and ladies head off on romantic one-on-one dates, hoping to build deeper connections before the farmers decide who will stay in a dramatic Farm Farewell dinner.
At the Annual Farmer Wants A Wife Country Ball, farmers and ladies let their hair down. While connections grow, someone makes the heart-breaking decision to leave the experience.
Some new additions, picked out by the farmers mums, lead to new romantic connections and shock departures. Farmer Dean makes a decision about his future.
It's a day of dates, farm work and farewells for our ladies as they explore whether rural life is for them. Some face the prospect of leaving but one departure changes everything.
It's fireworks at our farmer's first get-together as one of the Famer's speed-date ladies comes back for a second chance at love, and an anonymous message threatens to tear one farm apart.
The ladies get their first taste of life out on the land and are in for the shock of their lives. A text will send shockwaves across the farms leading to sudden departures.
Farmers Joe and Tom meet their love matches before choosing five ladies to return to their farms. All the farmers each take one special lady on a 24-hour date before being joined by the others.
The speed dates begin! Our first three farmers begin their search for a wife. They'll choose five ladies to take home to their farms on the most romantic journey of their lives.
May 2024
One month since most of them made their final decision, our farmers have returned to where it all began. Who is still together? Who has found true love? Who has dropped to one knee?
Farmer Joe will make the biggest decision of his life. Will he pick kindhearted Sarah or free spirit Keely? And then you are invited to the wedding of farmer alumni Andrew and Jess.
Todd and Dustin visit the hometowns of their final two ladies to meet friends and family then go on final dates before making the most important decisions of their lives.
It’s the last day of the farmstays before our Farmers and ladies head to the big smoke for our Farmer Wants a Wife Black Tie evening. Emotions run high and one lady is sent home.