Fastest Cars In The Dirty South

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Fastest Cars In The Dirty South

Eric puts his team to the test when they are required to restore a speedy Chevrolet S-10. To claim the victory, they'll need to defeat a fast Mustang.

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Season 3
Eric Malone confronts Team 256 about last year's race against the Memphis 10 that divided the team. Plus, Eric rallies his remaining team for a shout-out to defend their title.
Season 2
Everyone has been working all season to prepare for the 256 versus the Memphis 10.
The team install adaptive steering in the car of a friend of Eric Malone who was left partially paralysed after a car accident.
The team convert a rusty 1968 Impala into a turbo racer. As the Memphis 10 race approaches, they ask James Rowlett to lend a hand with the tough project.
Dayne's Camaro currently collects dust in his garage. The team is given the task of upgrading the car with new spare parts and getting it ready to race.
Brant Arnold recruits his 256 teammates to help rebuild a local legend's dilapidated '89 Camaro, and hopes to uncover some of his race-winning secrets in the process.
A Chevy Caprice has the bones to become a flashy and fun donk car, but it's missing speed; Eric, Brant and James scheme to build a donk with a Triple F rating.
The 256 takes a young racer who is losing a lot this racing season and tries to turn him into a success at one of Alabama's biggest grudge race events.
After a terrible start to the racing season and a wreck that nearly blew up one of the team cars, the 256 pulls together to help Britt Berryhill rebuild the Bull.