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FBI: Most Wanted

The clock's ticking as the FBI agencies hunt down the fugitive terrorists as they get closer to carrying out a plot to destroy a major New York City landmark and cause devastating civilian casualties.

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Season 4
The team helps Remy try to catch his brother's real killer 25 years after Mikey was murdered.
The Fugitive Task Force searches for a missing migrant teen they believe was lured into unlawful work by a dangerous man. Remy learns of a previously undisclosed witness in his brother's murder case.
The witness Remy and Kristen are visiting in prison is put in danger when a riot breaks out, leaving the staff and visitors held hostage by two murderous gangs.
A news anchor is shot dead in her TV station's parking lot, and an extraordinary case comes to light as the Fugitive Task Force dives into a story she was working on in order to track down her killer.
After two Land Management agents go missing while executing a land seizure warrant, the Fugitive Task Force heads to a hostile Wyoming county to track them down, while Hana's catfishing turns deadly.
The team suspect cult overtones as they search for two missing coeds after their roommate's brother is involved in a homicide. Meanwhile, Hana becomes distracted when she meets someone online.
The Fugitive Task Force springs into action to find a famous Croatian tennis player after she's kidnapped from a tennis court in Brooklyn.
A star triathlete is found brutally murdered, and while the FBI pursue one of her teammates, Remy teams up with a true crime show producer and old flame who wants to film the increasingly bizarre case
The team must navigate the mistrust of authorities in a tight-knit Somali community in Minnesota as they race to find a kidnapped 14-year-old girl.
After attending a parole hearing for the man who murdered his brother, Remy pursues a depraved pastor and his sadistic brother who kidnapped two teens on their way home from a school basketball game.
The team chase after the suspects behind an Ohio energy plant explosion and are led toward a crypto company with enemies looking to take it down. Remy and his sister close a chapter in their lives.
The team is thrown for a loop when they discover that the abductor of a disgraced state police detective is connected to a recent horrific mass shooter case known as "The Summer Camp Massacre".
When a celebrity child psychiatrist is kidnapped by the son of a former client, the team races to track down the perpetrator and learn what really happened to him and why he has gone to such extremes.
When three prosecutors are assassinated outside a bar in their small Arkansas town, Remy's team must determine if this was connected to a case from the local DA's office or if it's a personal vendetta
The team's Thanksgiving plans are put on hold when they are brought in to investigate whether a shooting at a Buddhist temple was a hate crime or something more personal.
After a tech entrepreneur is abducted from a rave in Brooklyn and found stabbed to death at his estate in Connecticut, Remy and the team must dive into the world of psychedelics to find his killer.
The murder of a geology professor leads the team to uncover an ancient legend regarding secret civil war treasure, and encounter a deadly fugitive determined to kill to find the millions in gold bars.
Rookie agent Ray Cannon struggles to prove himself when he joins the Fugitive Task Force to hunt down a mysterious killer with psychological problems who is targeting IRS officers.
When a family of four from New York is found dead in a Georgia motel room, the Fugitive Task Force investigates a connection between the victims and the sale of illegal firearms.