FBI: Most Wanted

Season 3

Season 3, Episode 22

4.0 12 x
The team chases an oligarch who goes on a terror spree in NYC in a desperate attempt to escape an impossible situation.

Season 3, Episode 21

4.0 12 x
When a wealthy East Hamptons couple are killed by a female con artist posing as a personal trainer, the team works to find out her true identity and track her down.

Season 3, Episode 20

4.0 12 x
Remy and the team search for a copycat killer who is recreating the chilling murders of notorious '80s mobster Jackie The Fox.

Season 3, Episode 19

4.0 15 x
The team goes after the killer of a man in witness protection but finds there's more to the case than meets the eye. Also, Remy is challenged by what he discovers when he reconnects with his mother.

Season 3, Episode 18

3.0 27 x
Special Agent Remy Scott and the team investigate the homicides of two Army veterans in a murder spree connected to their time in Afghanistan. Hana receives surprising news about her birth mother.

Season 3, Episode 17

4.0 31 x
The team's new leader, charming but formidable Special Agent Remy Scott, takes charge as they investigate a series of homicides tied to a forbidden love between a young teen and her older boyfriend.

Season 3, Episode 16

4.0 17 x
The team gets called to Vermont after a married couple who grow illegal marijuana massacres their employees. Also, Barnes begins to regret not taking any time off to bond with her new baby.

Season 3, Episode 15

3.0 15 x
The team deal with their grief in the wake of Jess' murder but are soon called to track down a jealous and deranged member of the incel community who is targeting beautiful people for death.

Season 3, Episode 14

4.0 39 x
The team pursues an abusive man on the war path to find his ex-girlfriend, who is trying to escape him for good. Also, Jess and Sarah make plans to take their dream vacation together.

Season 3, Episode 13

3.0 21 x
The team race to prevent more killings as they search for an embezzling businessman who is wanted for his wife and daughter's murder. Jess takes advantage of his empty nest to properly court Sarah.