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Fire Country

The Station 42 and Three Rock crews face a number of daring rescues when a massive mudslide tears through Edgewater. Plus, Bode's freedom is on the line at his parole hearing after a failed drug test.

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Season 1
Crews are called to a backfire started by Faye's private firefighting company Nozzle to protect a high-end winery, but instead threatens to grow out of control. Bode fears the worst as parole beckons.
The crews respond to an explosion at an abandoned mine and learn that three Girl Scouts on an excursion are trapped inside. Plus, Bode faces a difficult decision that could have serious consequences.
The Station 42 crew responds to an out-of-control underground blaze at a wellness retreat, and tensions run high as the Three Rock crew tries to protect one of their own from a dangerous overdose.
The crews respond to the scene of a train crash where the rescue has the potential to spiral out of control when they discover the train is full of illicit cargo.
An internal investigator suspects Jake of being the serial arsonist setting recent fires, so Bode and the crew take it upon themselves to investigate.
When a massive and volatile wildfire breaks out in Drake Country, the station 42 and Third Rock crews help aid in the rescue efforts, including the dangerous evacuation of a high security prison.
As Sharon and Jake wait for the transplant operation to begin, Eve's life is threatened when a massive tree falls on her during an assignment, forcing Bode to step up and lead the rescue efforts.
The crews respond to mass chaos and injuries when a ride malfunctions at the annual Edgewater town fair. Meanwhile, Sharon receives life-changing news.
The crews work to contain a dangerous forest fire and save a group of environmentalists protesting a housing development.
Bode and his fellow prison inmate firefighters band together with the civilian station 42 crew to battle a monstrous fire that erupts after a plane crash. Plus, a new crew member is welcomed.
A former inmate firefighter harboring a grudge against Sharon returns to carry out his revenge.
A box truck crashes into the fire station, causing a power outage and triggering a dangerous blaze. Meanwhile, both Sharon and Bode's ex-girlfriend Cara face multiple medical emergencies.
An internal investigation is launched after a life was lost following a difficult rescue that went awry, leaving Bode in a compromised position with his father, Vince.
Vince's judgment is compromised when a harrowing rescue of two siblings trapped in their crashed car on a bridge triggers emotional memories of the night his daughter died in a car accident.
Bode's crew is accused of stealing a designer watch from a fire mop up, and the crew responds to a high-stakes call about an extremely dangerous gas leak.
After a hiker falls from a steep cliff, Bode and Jake put aside their differences to make a daring rescue. Also, Sharon reveals devasting news to Bode about her health.
A vegetation fire gets tricky for the crew when a panicked horse refuses to leave a burning barn. Vince's ambitious brother Luke, the Cal Fire communications director, makes a surprise visit to town.
Division Chief Sharon is forced to make a gut-wrenching decision as the crew engages in a search and rescue mission after a building collapses, trapping wedding reception guests underneath the rubble.
When the crew responds to a call in a remote forest on Mayhem Mountain, they come under fire by an outlaw protecting his illegal marijuana crops.