First Weapons

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First Weapons

Australia's most lethal boomerang, the Wartilykirri. Host Phil Breslin and weapon maker Joseph Williams unpack this non-returning boomerang and witness its manoeuvrability and force in a medieval battle. (Final)

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Season 1
Weapon maker Dave mangenner Gough shows host Phil Breslin how to craft and use the Allener. He then joins our experts to unpack the intricate scientific principles behind this extraordinary spear.
Phil Breslin joins weapon maker Larry Blight in Albany, WA, to discover the Kodj. Our experts unpack the science of this versatile weapon before Phil, Larry and a champion axeman face off in a showdown of speed and skill.
Host Phil Breslin and weapon makers Brendan Kennedy and Trevor Kirby unpack the Leangle and Parrying Shield before honouring Aboriginal Cricketer Dick-a-Dick's crowd-pleasing demonstrations from 1868.
Host Phil Breslin observes senior weapon makers as they craft the Amerr. Experts reveal the scientific principles, followed by a challenge of speed and skill highlighting how the weapon was once one of the fastest on earth.
In South Australia, host Phil Breslin, weapon maker Moogy Sumner and our team of experts unpack the science of Australia's most iconic and scientifically complex weapon - the Returning Boomerang.