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Fixer To Fabulous

Husband-wife team Dave and Jenny Marrs preserve and renovate historic homes in Bentonville, AR. They use their resources to transform houses into masterpieces.

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Season 4
A couple with family ties to Peru have purchased a small house they want to make their forever home, but it needs a lot of work.
A couple with family across the country want to turn their century-old barn into a home where they can all come together.
High school sweethearts looking for a change of pace from suburban life find a historic 1940s home in downtown Bentonville.
A movie-loving couple wants to turn their builder-grade house into a customized home that reflects both their styles.
A couple relocating from Texas purchased their dream log cabin on the lake, but the dated house needs major updates before they can move in. Dave and Jenny transform the cabin.
Dave and Jenny preserve and renovate historic homes in Bentonville, AR. They use their resources to transform houses for buyers that want a slower-paced lifestyle in a small town.
Newly empty nesters purchase a property with plenty of land for their dogs, but the dated house needs some serious renovations to fit their style.
A couple who has made a positive impact in their community for many years is eager to complete their long-delayed dream house remodel.
A couple inherits a home that's been in their family for many years, and now they want to turn it into a place for future generations to enjoy.
A couple wants to honor the history of their 100-year-old craftsman and make it a functional forever home for their family.
A newly single mom wants to give her early 2000s home a colorful makeover to better reflect her family's vibrant lifestyle.
A couple with Australian roots wants to brighten up their dull '80s rancher and make it better reflect their family's lifestyle.
A couple purchased a '90s lake house with the hopes of making it their forever home, but it desperately needs an update.
Season 3
Two newlyweds love the house they bought in Arkansas. Jenny and Dave use the couple's Napa wedding as inspiration to turn the brick rancher into a first home to remember.
Now that their kids are older, a family is moving back to their roots in Arkansas. Dave and Jenny step in to help turn their large country home into a cosy farmhouse.
A couple love their 1905 Victorian house, its layout makes most of the rooms feel small. While preserving the home's beloved historic charm, Dave and Jenny completely open it up.
A couple hosts a lot of international students in their home, and they need Dave and Jenny's help with transforming their small rancher into a welcoming and eclectic place.
A father wants to turn his half-finished bachelor pad into a modern home for entertaining, which reflects his style. Dave and Jenny update the house to match his prized pool.
A couple is ecstatic to learn that they are expecting another child. Dave and Jenny jump at the chance to create a full-blown Cotswold cottage with an open layout.