Flipping The Heartland

June 2017

Episode 11 (1920's Restoration)

4.5 35 x
Dan and Melinda take on their most ambitious flip yet. They plan to fully restore a 1920s Tudor revival and take on all the challenges that come with updating an historic home with modern amenities while staying true to its original style.

Episode 12 (Family Flip)

3.0 28 x
After Dan buys a home in Briarwood, Melinda thinks their design plan should be fairly simple. But since buyers in the area are mainly young families, Dan decides to repurpose a bedrooms into a 'playroom' to help drum up a quick sale.

Episode 9 (Buyers Beware)

3.0 19 x
Dan and Melinda purchase a property in Jenks, OK, before it goes to auction. After working on the renovations for two weeks, buyers see the house and make a down payment to Dan and Melinda but have a long list of creative demands.

Episode 8 (There's No 'I' in Rehab)

3.0 18 x
Melinda takes the lead when she scopes out a property on her own in South Tulsa, OK, while Dan is away on business. When he finally does a walk-through of the house, he changes her design plan against her wishes.
May 2017

Episode 5 (Team Flip)

4.0 23 x
Dan and Melinda agree to work with fellow house flippers, Ian and Amy, on a property in Woodland Hills, Oklahoma. They have big plans, but a mould infestation threatens to blow their budget out of the water.

Episode 6 (Investor Quick Flip)

4.0 17 x
Dan and Melinda purchased a home in the Brookside area of Tulsa, OK, which they're unable to rehab due to a shortage of funds so they find an investor who will front the capital for the renovations and split the profits.

Episode 3 (Big House, Big Problems)

3.0 27 x
In order to keep the purchase price down on a large property in Broken Arrow, OK, Dan and Melinda agree to take it sight-unseen. But as they begin their renovation plans, they run into severe water damage and a crumbling foundation.

Episode 2 (Driving for Dollars)

4.0 25 x
Dan and Melinda want to flip a home in Midtown, Oklahoma and find a great property which they make an impressive start on. But their plans may fall to dust after they discover a termite infestation in the foundations.