Food Lab By Ben Milbourne

January 2019

Season 2 Episode 47

3.0 0 x
Ben makes a healthy Salmon Poke Bowl and heads down to Huon Aquaculture to see where his salmon has been farmed.

Season 2 Episode 46

4.0 0 x
Ben makes a simple and versatile penne pasta dish for the cheese lovers out there.

Season 2 Episode 45

4.0 1 x
Ben and Joel throw a Mexican twist onto a scrambled eggs dish.

Season 2 Episode 44

3.0 5 x
Ben and the crew begin a journey into the Tarkine, the dense, rugged rainforest in Tasmania’s west.

Season 2 Episode 43

4.0 1 x
Ben and Rhys make their final stop on the food crawl at Maq01, a brand new hotel in Hobart which has many stories behind it.

Season 2 Episode 42

3.0 0 x
The fourth stop on Ben and Rhys's food crawl is Tom Mchugo's, the place Rhys acclaims for having the best fried chicken in Hobart.

Season 2 Episode 41

4.0 0 x
Ben and Rhys make their third stop on their food crawl at Templo, a small Italian-style restaurant.

Season 2 Episode 40

4.0 0 x
Ben and Rhys head to their second location of their Hobart food crawl, Pigeon Whole Bakery.

Season 2 Episode 39

2.0 4 x
Ben begins his journey on his Hobart Food Crawl with friend and fellow chef Rhys Hannan at Pigeon Hole Cafe.

Season 2 Episode 38

3.0 2 x
Ben explains how moisture is drawn out of a protein through osmosis. He demonstrates this by putting a steak on a bed of rock salt and reveals the benefits of doing so.