Food Network Star

May 2018

S10 Ep11 - A Food Star Is Born

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The results are in! America has voted to determine who will be the next Food Network Star. Before the winner is revealed, all of the finalists are back in the studio to tell all and view never-before-seen footage from the season. Bobby Flay, Alton Brown and Giada De Laurentiis each share their favorite moments during an em...

S10 Ep10 - Promos And Pilots

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The final four contestants each shoot a promo for the show they want on Food Network while being coached by Alton Brown, Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis. Food Network executives are back to pick the final three, who will make pilots for their shows, which are directed by the toughest star on the network: Robert Irvine! ...

S10 Ep9 - Rachael Ray Show

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Testing their abilities to think on their feet and react to any situation thrown at them, the finalists are tasked with solving a culinary problem for a Rachael Ray viewer. They must each create a dish that addresses the viewer's problem, and then perform a demo of the dish on the Rachael Ray Show. The selection committee ...

S10 Ep8 - One-Of-A-Kind Experience

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As Las Vegas is all about one-of-a-kind experiences, the finalists are divided into two teams, and each must create a memorable dining experience for the selection committee along with special guest, Penn Jillette. The team voted least successful lands in the bottom three.

S10 Ep7 - Vegas Pool Party

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The finalists are challenged with creating dishes that represent them, and each finalist must describe his or her dish to guests at a pool party at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The selection committee decides who did the best overall and sends one finalist home.

S10 Ep6 - Product Commercial

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Each finalist is tasked with creating a product that represents his or her unique brand and culinary style. After receiving feedback from the judges, each finalist makes a commercial for his or her product in an unorthodox setting.

S10 Ep5 - Live Demo At Knott's Berry Farm

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Live demos are a staple of every Food Network Star's repertoire. In this week's challenge, the finalists take the stage at Knott's Berry Farm - an amusement park built on a deep culinary tradition - to perform a food demo for hundreds of park visitors. The finalist who fails to wow the crowd with his or her show and food g...

S10 Ep4 - Internet Marketing Video

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Today's Food Network Stars must have a multi-platform presence. In the mentor challenge, Bobby Flay tests the social media acumen of the finalists by having them each create a behind-the-scenes video selfie in the Food Star Kitchen. For the star challenge, the finalists are teamed up to make an internet marketing video for...

New Season

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A Food Network Star must have the knowledge and ability to adapt to any circumstance that arises. In two heats of five, the finalists bid on sabotages to saddle their competitors with, then battle it out in the kitchen, Cutthroat Kitchen style. Alton Brown runs the festivities, and the finalists' dishes are critiqued by Bo...

S10 Ep2 - Please Try This At Home

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A Food Network Star must be able to teach home viewers how to prepare great meals. In the mentor challenge, Alton Brown challenges the finalists to teach him a recipe. Then for the star challenge, the finalists must create a video demonstrating one of their own dishes for the home viewer. What they don't know is that chef ...