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S1 Ep10 25:00

S1 Ep10

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In the series finale, Maeve embraces the ingenuity of the home-made barbecue, exploring the remarkably adaptable 44 gallon drum used in the Kimberley as a smoker for barramundi and in Jamaica to cook jerk chicken and pork, as well as various parts of fridges, wheelie bins and lawnmowers w...
Hot-smoked kingfish 02:01

Hot-smoked kingfish

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“Stan Soroka learnt about smoking from a very early age. His father was born in Poland, studied to be a doctor and immigrated to Australia after the Second World War, settling with his young family on a self-sufficient farm in Victoria, where smoking food was one of the essentials of life...
S1 Ep9 25:00

S1 Ep9

Expired 3.0 11 x
Maeve O'Meara explores the ancient art of smoking in cuisines around the world, tasting hot smoked salmon and kingfish, West African condiments, flavoursome smoked lamb, Irish cold smoked bacon, and Kansas City style ribs. In search of the flavour and texture that smoking provides, Maeve ...
Shito 01:55


Expired 3.0 21 x
“Smoking fish in West Africa is an age-old tradition, with smoked fish viewed as ‘food for the Gods’, and is often a part of religious ceremonies and presented on altars. Shito is made from smoked fish, chilli and palm fruit oil, which Kunle describes as ‘liquid gold’, extracted from the...
Smoked lamb forequarter 03:39

Smoked lamb forequarter

Expired 3.0 8 x
‘The secret to cooking with coals and to capture the essence of the smoky flavours is to have no flame and just the glowing embers,’ he says. This is a recipe in two stages – the whole lamb forequarter, which is smoked in the oven on a low heat, then sealed up to cook slowly. ‘The traditi...
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