Formal Wars

November 2016

Season 1 episode 8

4.0 238 x
Stephanie is confident her mum will get her dream dress while Johanna is certain her folks won't find her one she'd actually wear. Will the girls be happy with what their parents choose for them?

Season 1, episode 7

3.3 169 x
Sara and Jessie have both had a tough few years. Jessie's mum wants to use the formal to build Jessie's confidence back up, whilst Sara's mum tries to show her daughter that she does have her best interests at heart.

Season 1, episode 6

3.5 160 x
Twins Brittany & Maddie hope their mum will help them to be seen as individuals tonight. Meanwhile, country girl Sheri is excited that the formal is a time for elegance, but her mum seems to have forgotten that.

Season 1, episode 5

4.0 168 x
Unlike the other parents who have seen this as a chance to challenge their daughters, Tanya and Alex's parents are determined to give their children everything they want - including celebrity dates.

Season 1, episode 4

4.0 260 x
Self-proclaimed Barbie princess Nicole wants to look like her plastic idol for formal. Pizza worker Dalia rostered off a whole year ago for her big night. With such long-held dreams, surely nothing can go wrong when their mothers take control.

Season 1, episode 3

4.0 89 x
Rock chick Reanna and her friend Sam have their parents' planning their formal. But with Reanna's mum planning to cover up her tattoos, and Sam's dad stuck in the 1970's, it's not quite the style they had envisioned.

Season 1, episode 2

3.0 148 x
Each week, two high school students receive $2000 towards the cost of their school formal. However, accepting the money means the teens will hand over the party planning to their parents.

Season 1, episode 1

4.7 508 x
Country girl Stephanie and label princess Victoria hand over the formal planning to their parents. They both want a hot pink hummer as their formal transport - however Victoria's mum has other ideas.