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Freshly Picked

Simon shows how easy it is to spice up the spud and makes some easy churros to create at home. Nadia Fragnito is in with her ricotta filled ravioli, and a little gem from tropical north Queensland.

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Season 2
A super simple stuffed potato gnocchi is on the menu, and Nornie Bero is in the kitchen with her amazing 4-veg sop. Simon makes a chunky barbeque sauce and a double lemon slice.
A sure-fire way to shake up dinner is pastries. Michael Craig returns with a brilliant dessert pizza, and Simon makes a heirloom tomato and peach salad that will be a regular summer salad year after year.
Simon brings a tantalising taste of tropical North Queensland, and shows his recipe for chilli that's smokin'. Monica returns with berry bars, and learn how to take mushrooms to the next level.
Simon makes a simple tofu masala that packs a punch, a frangipane roll, and a braised eggplant for the biggest of tea lovers. Tom Sarafian is in the kitchen taking lentils and lemon to the next level.
Simon gets a little bananas in Queensland and then heads back to the kitchen for a tagine recipe, while also spicing up leftover rice. Tobie Puttock returns for the perfect weeknight dinner.
Simon makes a simple soup with some roasty and crunchy bits, and a berry pull apart that you'll want to be a part of. There's puffed rice and plenty of laughs when Kishwar Chowdhury is in the kitchen.
Simon spills the beans on how to make ful and makes an easy sweet potato gnocchi perfect for the whole family, then a tropical salad. Afik Gal is making his delicate strawberry perfume.
Simon whips up a muhammara that has him dancing in the kitchen and makes a cacio e pepe that's better than an Italian holiday. Jerry Mai is back with a smoky eggplant dish that packs a punch.
Simon heads to tropical Queensland, tasting unique fruit and turning it into an easy breakfast and makes rainbow slaw. We zero in on Blayne Bertoncello's zero waste roast pumpkin recipe.
Nadia Fragnito dips her veggies in a pot of deliciousness, then Simon tosses in a little spice for a big healthy dinner, then makes vegnog. Learn to use bush foods to boost a healthy breakfast.
A classic roast done pumpkin-style, and Monica returns to take us down a rocky road. A spicy specialty is on the table, and then Simon loads up a fruit toast in the best way.
Simon has a twist on an old favourite that is sure to be a winner at family dinner and makes a spiced potato salad. Anushka shows her recipe for something delicious from her homeland.
Today is about pure donut indulgence, and next it's pizza pocket perfection with a mushroom filling. Blayne is adding a bit of sizzle to the humble radish, and Simon heads to Sarafian Hummus HQ.
The amazing Nornie Bero is back with her famous damper with warrigal greens. Simon shows a weekend wonder wrap and takes tofu to the next level, then heads out to the Vegout Community Garden.
A quick and easy tofu dish is on the menu, and Simon delivers a sensational dessert. Connor Curran is back on the show for a vegan moussaka, and Simon heads to the river for the perfect toastie.
Simon knows how to utilise that can of beans at the back of the pantry, and makes an impressive kombucha berry trifle. Michael Craig is in the kitchen with a killer recipe for tandoori pizza.
Discover native plant foods and how they can pack a punch. Simon brings cauliflower and tomato together seamlessly, and Kishwar Chowdhury brings little morsels of joy to the kitchen.
Simon turns up the heat today with some easy mushroom kebabs, gets on a roll making some sushi and the kofta king Coskun Uysal is in the kitchen.
Simon gives burgers a great wrap. Nadia Fragnito returns to the kitchen with a light-as-air olive oil lemon cake, and Simon takes street food to a whole new level.