Freshly Picked With Simon Toohey

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Season 1
Alice Zaslavsky enters the kitchen with her magical spinach and almond curry. Simon creates a sticky, sweet lettuce cup using gochujang and eggplant, and a show-stopping artistic ratatouille.
The ultimate one-pot wonder is on, and a breakfast winner with corn and zucchini fritters. Learn to use tahini on a summer fruit salad to new heights, and the trick behind making mashed potatoes.
Simon super charges broccoli to create the ultimate snack, heads for the hills in search of beetroot, and reveals the secret to the ultimate veggie stock. Tobie's in the house with a green pasta.
The King of Baklava returns with a recipe for filo tarts that layers the flavours of pistachios. Get the recipe for a roasty, creamy and crunchy cauliflower main and a naughty fried bread with tofu.
Zacchary Bird joins Simon today with a very different and delicious spin on southern fried drumsticks. Head to the olive groves for a punchy vegetable dish that's a delight on the senses.
There's an easy cafe style breakfast on the menu without the eggs. Afik shows his trick to taking the humble tomato to a whole new level, and Simon sweetens the deal with two cracking dessert recipes.
Turn a tasty mushroom ragu into two incredible dishes with Simon. Find out how tempeh is made and find the tricks to make a tasty tempeh wrap. Nadia is back with her a plant-based classic tiramisu.
Find the secret to the creamiest pasta, without the addition of cream! Thanh joins Simon in the kitchen and transforms the humble radish into a delicious, golden fried snack.
Get maximum flavour from vegetables with a killer recipe for green beans and tips on taking cauliflower to the next level. Simon makes a sofrito with strawberries, and Tobie makes a homestyle snack.
Simon shows his trick to the crispiest refried bean empanadas, and gives the low down on plant-based feta which he uses to top off a vibrant and summery salad. Tim shares his tips for homemade pizza.
Simon brightens the day with a tropical and summery dessert using pineapples. Thanh Truong gives his family recipe for turmeric pancakes, and when life gives you lemons, you also make lemon cream.
Learn the trick to the fluffiest hummus and pair it perfectly with a golden soybean falafel pita. Alice is back in the kitchen taking breakfast to a new dimension with her chai spiced granola.
Guaranteed to impress at BBQs, get a recipe for hemp burgers that are a sure fire winner. Simon does something different too with his Asian style guac. Zacchary Bird reinvents a classic.
Spice up the evening with a powerful sichuan and chilli tofu, and learn the secrets to vegetarian kebabs with special guest Walleed Rasheed. Pair roast cauliflower soup with some secret ingredients.
Simon shows us his recipe for dal that is to die for, gives the secret to perfect chippies, and makes an impressive apple and rhubarb crumble with a tea-infused twist.
Learn how a cheat pizza can fit into any day of the week and stay healthy, and get sweet with a decadent coconut ice cream with bananas and caramel.
Simon adds some zing to a summer salad with under-utilised ingredients like kohlrabi and radishes, then impresses with a crispy and creamy mushroom and leek potato pie that has some serious flavour.
Make beans the hero with today's simple recipe for a Spanish style white bean casserole that's big on flavour, and for the perfect lazy dinner a slow baked sweet potato.
Simon attempts to create the perfect momo with a delicious red sauce, and whips out his recipe for golden, fried tempeh with sate and bok choy. Tim makes his famous mushroom and leek toastie recipe.
Learn to make the crispiest tempura eggplant tacos and get brunch sorted with a potato rosti utilising locally grown Dutch cream potatoes. Lynton Tapp makes his ultimate banana bake recipe.