From Scratch

December 2015

S1 Ep4 - Trainers

Expired 3.0 177 x
Trainers - When Tom discovers that one trainer has over 80 separate parts from all over the world he knows that he’s got a very difficult job ahead of him. Beginning in Scotland, Tom takes part in the annual culling in order to find a wild deer from...

S1 Ep3 - Toaster

Expired 3.0 92 x
Toaster - Tom’s toughest challenge yet sees him take on the toaster. While it makes the most basic food, Tom is in awe of the amount of technology each toaster has inside it. His journey takes him to Sussex to find some oil to help him begin the lon...
September 2015

S1 Ep2 - Light Bulb

Expired 4.0 150 x
Light Bulb - Tom Thwaites is an inventor and artist who's embarking on a journey of innovation and adventure as he tries to build everyday items that we can’t live without using only raw materials and his own two hands. This episode, Tom attempts to...

S1 Ep1 - Mower

Expired 3.3 217 x
Mower - In a world of mass global production, renaissance man Thomas Thwaites thinks we’ve forgotten where all our stuff really comes from. So to prove how brilliant and complex even the most basic mod cons are, he’s going to attempt to build them h...