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In Costa Rica, David barely survives a horse ride through a path turned river, a fishing expedition, falling trees and gardening in a rainstorm. But he manages to replicate an amazing Tico meal with chef Manuel Badilla at Origins.

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Season 2
David meets with the 2019 Top Chef Croatia winner Tvrtko Sakota. Driving across the country making sugar from beets, harvesting pork, and hunting rabbit, he understands how Croatia is finding its culinary feet by walking a tightrope between local customs and the modern world.
Arriving in Malta, David planned to make a meal with chef Stefan Hogan of Corinthia Palace. But as he had to scramble to find ingredients, the meal soon became whatever he could harvest locally on this dry cluster of rocky islands as time is running out.
David finds himself on a bow hunt for elk in Sheridan, Wyoming, for Native American Chef Antonia Armenta-Miller of Bonafide Food Truck, named one of Food Network’s top 50 food trucks. David's mission is to replicate this dish from scratch. But he's never fired a bow before!
David travels to Kenya, where humanity began and makes a meal with chef Ariel Moscardi. The tent pole ingredients are plants gathered from the African plains and jungles, topped off with some goat.
David goes to Utah, where he learns the steps of making Trout Piscatore with award winner Galen Zamorra. First, David must harvest the Four Corners Potato. This tiny tuber has a big history as possibly the first domesticated plant in the U.S. But as the clock ticks, he desperately tries to catch a fish for a dish whose thr...
Season 1
David Moscow meets with chef Abigail Mbalo-Mokoena of 4Roomed EKasi, one of Food and Wines top 30 restaurants in the world. He learns the significance of how apartheid has shaped what cooking and family means to her.
While home for the holidays, David drops in on Dan Kluger of Loring Place to make a Northeast fall meal from scratch. With Duck on the menu, David heads north to the Canadian border.
David visits Olo, one of the 50 best restaurants in the world, in Helsinki and works with chef Jari Vesivalo to craft a local sustainable Scandinavian feast from scratch.
David Moscow heads to one of the most humane cattle processing plants and harvests a cow to prepare nose to tail at restaurants in the heart of beef country, South Central Texas.
David Moscow and family fly to his wife's Philippines homeland to harvest coconuts, rice and seafood for a classic Filipino ceviche by 2019 James Beard nominee, Margarita Manzke.
David works with Michelin star chef Christiano Andreini, to recreate his coastal Sardinian dishes. David attempts to dive for octopus in open, rough waters, but must quickly find an alternative.
David Higgs, is the one of the best known South African chefs and in his Johannesburg restaurant Marble he only cooks over wood fires. In the birthplace of cooking David Moscow tries to reproduce a meal not that different from what the earliest man would have had. Hunting and gathering and brewing across South Africa he br...
Chef Gunnar Karl of Dill in Reykjavik challenges David to source a traditional Icelandic cod dish with ingredients he can only get dry suit diving in the North Atlantic Sea.
Broken Spanish chef, Ray Garcia and David hit the ground running trying reproduce Ray's famous chicharron taco. At the same time David visits the iconic tequila brand Jose Cuervo to see just how hard it is to fit that worm in the bottle. His first step is to head to Texas to go on a wild boar hunt, then down to Jalisco to ...
From Scratch follows actor, adventurer and urbanite David Moscow on his adventure of making meals from scratch. He teams up with various friends to hunt, gather, forage, fish, grow and then prepare and cook a meal.