Gadget Man

November 2017

S2 Ep6 - Downsizing

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We live in a shrinking world. Our living, commuting, working, leisure, cooking, eating, and sleeping spaces seem to be getting smaller by the day. Tonight, Gadget Man explores the devices and techniques designed to enable us to live full-sized lives in an overcrowded world. To finish, he will squeeze an entire two bed house - with kitchen, bathroom and garden into a 15 square metre apartment...with space left over for entertaining a friend.

S2 Ep5 - Home Improvement

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If you haven’t hired an overpaid, tea-swilling contractor called Dave, home improvement is time-consuming hard graft as we all attempt to convince ourselves we are DIY kings and queens. From paint in the hair, to wallpaper paste on your clothes, it’s not only physically exhausting and messy, but rarely comes out as the instruction manual promised! But...what if gadgets could do all the hard work for you.
October 2017

S2 Ep4 - Summer Holiday

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Holidays are meant to be the most relaxing time of year, yet we often arrive back home more tired than when we left. How can gadgets take the stress out of the summer vacation?

S4 Ep4 - Health And Safety

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Health And Safety - Gadget Man believes the world is out to get him. Thankfully there are whole assortments of gadgets to protect him from accidents, crime and even himself. There are even gadgets to protect his gadgets! In this week’s episode of Gadget Man, Richard is simply hoping to make it to the end of the show in one piece. Along the way, he’ll secure his house with the latest Home Security gadgets, have a stuntman stare danger in the face (so he doesn’t have to), as well as testing his ...

S4 Ep3 - Date Night

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Date Night - In this age of Tinder, Photoshop and Snapchat, making a first impression is about more than a bit of eye contact and a flick of the hair. Success on date night is just as much about being good with your gadgets - from tech-infused fashion, to apps that could help you spot singletons in a crowd. But could gadgets actually help you find true love? This episode, Gadget Man looks at how gadgets can help you make that all-important first impression with the opposite sex, how they can be...

S4 Ep2 - Nine To Five

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Nine To Five - The average person spends 90,000 hours at work during the course of their lifetime, dealing with everything from office politics to eye strain. But why settle for the rat race when there are gadgets out there can help you get ahead, climb the corporate ladder and get rich quick - all while doing as little work as possible? In Nine to Five, the Gadget Man gets to grips with the gadgets that could turn you into Lord Sugar’s next apprentice, including tech to power up your home offi...

S4 Ep1 - The Weekend

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The Weekend - It's the biggest First World Problem: we are all just too busy. Even when we are meant to be relaxing at the weekend, there’s work to be done. There’s the housework, the workout, even socialising with friends can be more endurance than enjoyment. This episode of Gadget Man sees Richard attempting to use gadgets and technology to reclaim his Weekend. From the household chores, to the technology he needs to survive the classic British Night Out with friends, Richard will attempt to ...
November 2015

S3 Ep8 - Staying In

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Staying In - Richard Ayoade is continuing his noble quest to find gadgets that can help with the bothersome tasks of everyday life. In the final episode of the series Richard sets out to prove that gadgets can make it possible to lead a full and healthy life without leaving the house. Determined to prove that staying in is where it’s at Richard enlists the help of comedian Seann Walsh to check out gadgets that deliver the health benefits of the great outdoors, without the necessity of braving ...

S3 Ep7 - Self Improvement

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Having agreed to take part in a celebrity memory challenge against an eight times world champion Richard is investigating whether he can make himself a brighter, better man with the aid. #SBS2

S3 Ep6 - Property

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In this episode Richard faces one of life's proven pressure points - the property conundrum of 'move or improve'. #SBS2.