Gaspard And Lisa

May 2015

Papa's Important Paper

Expired 3.0 183 x
Gaspard's Papa loses an important piece of paper, and Gaspard and Lisa 'help' him find it, turning his home office upside down in the process.

Best Bicycle Friends

Expired 3.5 171 x
Lisa feels left out when Gaspard learns to ride his bike without training wheels.

Lisa's Kitten

Expired 2.0 239 x
Lisa has found a stray kitten and, with Gaspard's help, secretly keeps it in his bedroom until they're found out.

Lisa's Scarf

Expired 4.3 152 x
Lisa's scarf is carried off by the wind, and she and Gaspard and M. Huget have to track it down.

Our Snowy Day

Expired 3.0 84 x
On a snowy day at school, Gaspard and Lisa build a giant snow bear in the playground, but when they try to move it - catastrophe!

Our Clubhouse

Expired 3.0 103 x
Gaspard and Lisa decide to start their own club, but have trouble finding a secret place to meet.

Our Treasure Hunt

Expired 3.0 224 x
Gaspard and Lisa have to play pirates when Prince buries Mamie Mathilde's bracelet somewhere in the yard.

Our School Concert

Expired 3.0 202 x
Gaspard and Lisa bring their instruments home from school to rehearse for the big show, but have to improvise when the instruments get lost.
April 2015

Our Big Baking Disaster

Expired 3.5 115 x
Grandmere comes over to teach Gaspard and Lisa how to make croissants, but when they add too much yeast to the dough - catastrophe!

Gaspard's Happy Friend

Expired 3.5 112 x
Gaspard and Lisa bring a frog home from the country by mistake, and Gaspard decides to keep it as a pet.