Gaspard And Lisa


Papa's Important Paper

Expired 3.0 68 x
Gaspard's Papa loses an important piece of paper, and Gaspard and Lisa 'help' him find it, turning his home office upside down in the process.

Best Bicycle Friends

Expired 3.5 88 x
Lisa feels left out when Gaspard learns to ride his bike without training wheels.

Lisa's Kitten

Expired 1.5 131 x
Lisa has found a stray kitten and, with Gaspard's help, secretly keeps it in his bedroom until they're found out.

Lisa's Scarf

Expired 3.0 76 x
Lisa's scarf is carried off by the wind, and she and Gaspard and M. Huget have to track it down.

Our Snowy Day

Expired 3.0 37 x
On a snowy day at school, Gaspard and Lisa build a giant snow bear in the playground, but when they try to move it - catastrophe!
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