November 2016

Season 2, Episode 24 (Alien Contact)

4.0 18 x
The Questers are caught by extra-terrestrials who were sent by the Duke. Only Xiao Long is free and it's up to him to save his friends before the alien experiments begin!

Season 2, Episode 23 (Second Chance)

4.0 23 x
The Questers believe their troubles are over when they learn the Duke has become a hairdresser. But it seems the man who took over from the Duke has plans of his own for the Great Book of Magic.

Season 2, Episode 22 (A Night At The Castle)

3.0 37 x
When a crazed Collector captures the Questers for his collection, William is their only hope. When he sees that Rex has been collected too, they work together to free the Questers.

Season 2, Episode 21 (The Great Splotchball Game)

4.0 15 x
The Questers find themselves summoned by a Grand Wizard to play a soccer-type game for the Great Book of Magic. But the real game is off the field!

Season 2, Episode 20 (Griselda!)

4.0 47 x
When Griselda accidentally swallows the Great Book of Magic, The Duke miniaturizes himself to fetch it in her stomach. But Roddy and William are right behind him. Indigestion, here we come!

Season 2, Episode 19 (Baby Questers)

3.0 90 x
Gwen and Roddy must save their friends by fighting an evil witch. But when Roddy eats some magical fruit, he's turned into a baby! Gwen's got her hands full as a single mom!

Season 2, Episode 18 (Trading Places)

3.0 49 x
When Roddy organizes a home exchange, he inadvertently swaps the Gwenmobile for a Witches' Villa. But the townspeople think the Questers are the witches and decide to burn them at the stake!

Season 2, Episode 17 (Captain Roddy, Go!)

4.0 39 x
The Duke goes into the future to find Roddy's great, great, great, great, great grandson, the bold and naïve Captain Roddy. He gives him a mission to stop the Questers (in the past). Which Roddy will win? Past or future?

Season 2, Episode 16 (Computer Bug)

3.0 19 x
When Grandfather's messages are full of spam the Questers find a computer geek to fix the problem only to discover he works for the Duke!

Season 2, Episode 15 (Slipped My Mind)

4.0 19 x
When Elspeth loses her memory, the Duke sets her against her friends. Will friendship win over memory loss?