George Clarke's Adventures In Americana

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George Clarke's Adventures In Americana

George visits Wildwood, home to Americana inspired diners and motels, and makes a pilgrimage to the legendary Glass House. He also explores waterfront homes, a hidden poetry cabin and a broken-down zoo. (Final)

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Season 1
George is in Florida, exploring everything from outer space at NASA, to Hurricane-safe homes, and visiting the famous Art Deco Quarter and Little Havana in Miami.
In California, George gets up close to muscle cars, a skyscraper built on its side, the playgrounds of the 1950s movie stars, a film set that's turned into a town and a wacky hotel.
From an eye-opening walking tour of New Orleans to a harrowing visit to a slave plantation, from a day spent deep in the Bayou swamps, to a visit to a buffalo ranch; this is a journey from Creole to Cowboy.