Go Jetters

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 25 - Komodo National Park, Indonesia

3.0 1 x
When Grandmaster Glitch supersizes a fierce Komodo dragon, the Go Jetters must find the sizeray to fix the glitch.

Season 1, Episode 24 - The Golden Gate Bridge, Usa

3.0 1 x
The Golden Gate Bridge foghorns are missing, on a very foggy day. Can the Go Jetters help?

Season 1, Episode 23 - Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

4.5 2 x
A Giant Grandmaster Glitch means big trouble for the Giant's Causeway - can the Go Jetters stop him in his tracks?

Season 1, Episode 22 - Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland

4.0 1 x
Grandmaster Glitch's digging floods Wieliczka Saltmine in Poland. The Go Jetters must save the famous salt statues.

Season 1, Episode 1 - Eiffel Tower

4.0 4 x
The Go Jetters try to fix the Eiffel tower after Grandmaster Glitch breaks it while using it as a TV aerial.
Season 3

Season 3, Episode 24 - Chinese New Year, Dragon Dance Drama

3.0 7 x
Kyan is invited to perform a dragon dance for Chinese New Year in Beijing. Glitch decides to build a fire-breathing dragon robot for the parade, and the Go Jetters need to stop it!

Season 3, Episode 23 - Go Jet Academy: Whale Rescue

4.5 5 x
When a pod of pilot whales becomes stranded on the Academy beach, the Go Jetters, Ubercorn and Tala need expert help from a new teacher to save the animals.

Season 3, Episode 4 - The Continent Of Africa

3.0 8 x
Glitch takes Tala to the continent of Africa to help her with an Academy project. When the pair get lost, the Go Jetters need to crack the clues and find them in this huge continent.

Season 3, Episode 3 - Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

3.0 5 x
A feather duster drama unfolds high in the Monteverde Cloud Forest when Glitch's feather collecting goes wrong. Can the Go Jetters save a rare bird's nest and find a lost trophy.

Season 3, Episode 2 - Fatberg, London Sewers, England

4.0 12 x
While Lars, Kelly and Xuli go into the sewers to help keep London clean, Glitch creates some enormous blockages after flushing thousands of wet wipes down the toilet. It's up to the Go Jetters to clear away the fatberg!