Good Game Spawn Point

Season 12

Season 12, Episode 40 - The Ggsp Game Awards & Chorus

4.0 2 x
We hand out our awards for the best games of 2021, plus we battle through the stars in the epic space combat of Chorus!

Season 12, Episode 39 - Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl & Spyro's Origin Story

4.0 8 x
We catch 'em all in the latest Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, plus we dive into the origins of everyone's favourite purple dragon, Spyro!

Season 12, Episode 38 - Unpacking & Exo One

4.0 6 x
We relax with a couple of chill Aussie made games, with the oddly satisfying box sorting of Unpacking, and the serene alien skies of Exo One!

Season 12, Episode 37 - Just Dance 2022 & Mario Party Superstars

3.0 7 x
It's party time as we bust some moves in Just Dance 2022 and check out the best mini games the Mushroom Kingdom has to offer in Mario Party Superstars!

Season 12, Episode 36 - Forza Horizon 5 & Riders Republic

4.0 10 x
We race through the latest version of the fastest car racing festival around, Forza Horizon 5, and speed down the massive multiplayer mountains of Riders Republic!

Season 12, Episode 35 - Age Of Empires Iv & Discovery Tour: Viking Age

4.0 7 x
We take a trip back in time to conquer the Middle Ages in the return of the strategy titan, Age Of Empires IV, plus we see what life was like for a Viking in Discovery Tour: Viking Age!

Season 12, Episode 34 - Outer Wilds: Echoes Of The Eye & Jett: The Far Shore

4.0 4 x
We blast off to explore distant and mysterious worlds in the huge expansion Outer Wilds: Echoes Of The Eye, and the interstellar adventure of JETT: The Far Shore!

Season 12, Episode 33 - Hot Wheels: Unleashed & Origin Story: Aku Aku And Uka Uka

4.0 11 x
We speed through the epic tiny toy racing of Hot Wheels: Unleashed, plus we take a look at the Origin Story of Crash Bandicoot's mysterious brothers Aku Aku and Uka Uka!

Season 12, Episode 32 - Fifa 22 & Games To Make You Sweat!

4.0 10 x
We review the latest virtual football action of FIFA 22, plus we take a look at a bunch of games that will get you moving and sweating in no time!

Season 12, Episode 31 - Warioware: Get It Together! & Get Your Grown-ups Gaming!

4.0 23 x
We check out the mischievous micro-games of WarioWare: Get It Together, and recommend some great games to get your grown-ups into gaming!