Ep 11 Worse Than A Crime

4.0 17 x
When Bruce Wayne is kidnapped, Gordon must look to some unlikely and dangerous allies for help. In this battle of the villains, not everyone makes it out alive in the fall finale.

Ep 10 The Son of Gotham

3.0 29 x
Gordon confronts a suspect who's connected to Galavan, but falls short of obtaining any information. Meanwhile, Bruce gets one step closer to discovering the name of his parents' killer.

Ep 9 A Bitter Pill to Swallow

4.0 34 x
Gordon encounters one of Gotham's most dangerous hitmen, Eduardo Flamingo, while Nygma and Penguin cross paths once again.

Ep 8 Tonight's The Night

3.0 65 x
While Galavan tries to make a business deal with Bruce Wayne, he sends Barbara after Jim Gordon - with Bullock and Barnes hot on her trail. Nygma meets a familiar face.

Ep 7 Mommy's Little Monster

3.0 75 x
While Butch leads Penguin to the warehouse where his mother is being held, Penguin plots his revenge on Gotham's new mayor, Theo Galavan.
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