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S1 Ep6 - Abandon Ship 49:49

S1 Ep6 - Abandon Ship

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Abandon Ship - After months at sea, the journey is nearly at an end for Matthew, Ross and Nick as they round Australia’s most southerly point. At Recherche Bay they discover the remains of a 200-year-old French garden created to supply future expeditions with fresh fruit and vegetables. A...
Barbecued crayfish with kaffir butter recipe 01:41

Barbecued crayfish with kaffir butter recipe

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An open fire is a fantastic way to cook crayfish. All they really need is a little oil or butter. Here, because we had them, I used the sensational fragrance of kaffir lime leaves to add a little extra zing to our feast. I’d recommend eating them like this in Port Davey, the majestic wate...
Beef tongue with salsa verde recipe 03:22

Beef tongue with salsa verde recipe

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Every cow has a tongue. And everybody just wants to eat the fillet or the sirloin. Which means other cuts often go to waste, especially offal. Luckily the tongue can taste fantastic, as good as a top notch corned beef and even better when served with a beautiful fresh herb sauce.
Egg-white battered abalone fritters recipe 04:06

Egg-white battered abalone fritters recipe

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After cooking some abalone fritters on the boat that Matthew wasn’t too impressed by, I decided to spruce up the recipe for our abalone cook off. Served with a cold beer, they’re a not too shabby Tassie snack.
S1 Ep5 - Earning Their Stripes 51:40

S1 Ep5 - Earning Their Stripes

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Earning Their Stripes - The trip is about to get serious as Matthew, Ross and Nick attempt to sail down the dangerous and isolated south-western coast of Tasmania. As they pass through Hells Gate into the Southern Ocean, they have prepared themselves by stocking up on salt pork and hard t...
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