Grand Tours Of The Scottish Islands


S4 Ep6 - Skye: Against The Odds

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Skye: Against The Odds - On the final grand tour of the series Paul Murton goes over the sea to Skye to visit the home of celebrated writer and naturalist Gavin Maxwell, before scaling the famous Cuillin mountain, Am Bastier. On the nearby Isle of Raasay he learns about "Calum's Road" – the amazing true story of the determined crofter, Calum Macleod, who singlehandedly built a road to connect his isolated community. (Final) (From the UK) (Documentary) G CC

S4 Ep5 - Islands Of The Forth: Fortress Islands Of The Forth

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Fortress Islands Of The Forth - Paul Murton explores the islands scattered in the Firth of Forth and discovers that these seemingly peaceful islands have a dramatic history of war. #SBSdoco

S4 Ep2 - Islands In Loch Lomond: Landlocked Islands

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Paul Murton turns his back on the sea and discovers the secrets of Scotland's landlocked islands, on the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. #SBSdoco

S4 Ep4 - Lismore And Colonsay: Island Pilgrimage

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Lismore And Colonsay: Island Pilgrimage - Continuing his island-hopping odyssey Paul sets sail on an island pilgrimage in the footsteps of saints, visiting Lismore, Colonsay and Oronsay. Paul hears the extraordinary story of Saint Moluag who established a monastery on Lismore, joins writer Alexander McCall Smith on his yacht and uncovers the remarkable secrets revealed by a Viking ship burial on Colonsay. (From the UK) (Documentary) G CC

S4 Ep3 - Small Isles: Small Is Beautiful

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Small Isles: Small Is Beautiful - On this Grand Tour Paul sets off from Mallaig to visit a group of islands famed for their unusual names - Rum, Muck and Eigg. Paul meets the real ‘Lord Muck’, visits the dramatic Kinloch Castle on Rum and joins the Eigg's islanders in a very special celebration of the island's community buyout. (From the UK) (Documentary) G CC

S4 Ep1 - Fair Isle To Foula: So Far, So Good

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Fair Isle To Foula: “ So Far, So Good ” - In the first episode of Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands, Paul Murton sets out to visit the myriad of islands that hug our coastline. He heads straight for Britain’s two remotest island communities, Foula and Fair Isle in Shetland. Paul makes a nerve wracking visit to “Da Sneck o’ da Smallie” – a ravine in the cliffs of Foula which leads through to the island’s Atlantic shore. On Fair Isle, Paul attempts to spot rare birds before meeting some of the ...