Grandpa In My Pocket


Season 2, Episode 9 (Bubbles And Squeak)

4.0 3 x
Bubbles the babysitter has a new kitten which she brings round to show to the Mason family. Unfortunately Floyd turns up and tries to make Bubbles jump. Before long Floyd gets a taste of his own medicine!

Season 2, Episode 19 (Big Elf, Little Elf)

2.5 6 x
Mum is making everyone fancy dress costumes but Great Aunt Loretta decides she needs some help. Mrs Maridadi the Dressmaker turns up and immediately has designs on Grandpa's Shrinking Cap!

Season 4, Episode 51 (A Passion For Fashion)

3.0 20 x
Jemima is organising a fashion show at Miss Smiley's Cafe. Everything's under control until Mrs Maridadi turns up.

Season 4, Episode 50 (The Magic Of The Mill On The Marsh)

3.0 15 x
Children's story writer Nattie Scribbler comes to the Mill looking for bright ideas. Great Aunt Loretta tries to help.

Season 4, Episode 46 (Shiny Gold Stars)

3.0 11 x
A hotel inspector visits the Mill on the Marsh. Great Aunt Loretta has big plans for winning lots of shiny gold stars.
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